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Fitness with a friend


Posted by Abi M under Fitness & Training on 23 January 2013 at 12:00 AM

The festive period is often thought of as the one time of year where we can stuff our faces with chocolate, cheese and wine and not feel an ounce of guilt for doing so.  Come the New Year however, the jeans become that little bit tighter and it’s time for us all to make a New Year’s Resolution, ‘to get fit’ - easier said than done.

We are now nearing the end of the first month in 2013, and many of us are yet to get back into our sports gear.  Introducing... Fitness with a friend Challenge

Fitness with a friend Challenge

An article recently written by a Daily Mail reporter presented a study which investigated the effect training with a friend had in a sample of 1000 women. 64% of those women said they prefer to exercise with a friend, that they push themselves harder; train for longer, thus burn more calories than working out on their own - they also said it was more FUN! 

Take the Fitness with a Friend Challenge and see if you feel more motivated to work harder! 

Once you’ve completed it, why not team up with another Tribesports member and take the Run concurrently with another TS member Challenge

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    Very inspiring article, probably should start asking my colleagues join me for run in the evening :)

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    Good luck ladies, i hope you have lots of fun completing the challenge and if you manage to get your children, or colleagues doing some activity, then that's a job well done!

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    I agree a training partner helps. I was lucky enough to find one in my sons xc and track coach. She has pushed me to amazing levels and really tested my limits. I will have to look into the challenge since we run together about 95% of our miles

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    Splendid informatics provide by Abi ;D kudos to Abi ;D

    Abi M encouraged this.

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