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Form Guides to Improve Your Strength


Posted by Cags R under Weight Training (Strength Training) on 4 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

Inspired by some of the insane feats of strength on centre stage at the weight-lifting in the Olympics, here are some Guides to help improve your strength:

To start with, make sure you're doing the right exercises at the right intensity. Not sure what you should be doing? Well here is a simple guide to the 5 moves to make you stronger.

Top 5 Moves for Muscle Gain

You have 5 simple moves which will build muscle evenly and make you strong, although you won't see the Olympians performing these moves in competition, these are the basis of all Olympic lifts!


  1. Squat - initially ensure that you have good form before adding weight to the movement; you can start using only your own body weight as resistance and will still benefit from the exercise. Check out this form guide to learn the best squat technique.

  2. Deadlift - this is an essential lift for improving your lower body strength and also an excellent way to build your core strength. This form guide has a video demo of technique, so check it out.

  3. Military Press - this is a lift which will build your shoulder strength and your triceps. This will improve your bench press too as it is a compound move, for more details here's the form guide.

  4. Bench Press - this lift is possibly the best known lift to beginners after the infamous bicep curl! Unlike the curl, however, this compound movement will work groups of muscles; key focus on chest, triceps and core. Make sure you're doing it right and learn good technique in the form guide.

  5. Chin ups and pull ups - great for the whole upper body, especially the back. Simple body weight exercise which can have increased resistance by adding weights. Find out more about the biomechanics in the form guide.

So go forth Tribesports and get STRONG!

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    Very useful Post. I am planning on lots of strength training in October so will be putting this information to good use.

    Adrian K encouraged this.


    Great Kaye! Let me know if you need a program!

    Kaye D encouraged this.


    Thanks @adrian. Thats great and very kind of you to offer. I would love a programme! I will be strength training 4 times a week not necessarily aiming to get big muscles!! Just want to work towards improving strength and endurance before i start marathon training again at the end of the year.


    Sure thing Kaye, just remember to keep your strength and endurance training separate, the best way to work your endurance for running is to do more running. The best way to improve the strength in your joints, and the strength and power of your central nervous system and muscles is with heavy weights. If you leave me a comment on my wall of all the equipment you have access to I'll write happily write you up a program.

    Kaye D encouraged this.


    Need to do lots of these then for novembers challenge

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