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From Tee to Green: golf challenges for improving your game


Posted by Cags R under Golf on 9 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

We have hundreds of golfers here on Tribesports so it's time to get working on our game! 

Head to the driving range and work on your long game, to start with try and consistently hit accurate shots and then you can work on distance:

Drive the golf ball 200 yards 

Achievable for beginners but most important thing is to start with the correct technique; adding length to your drive will be easier and more natural with less risk of picking up an injury.

Check out this guide on the perfect golf swing, see if yours will improve.

Once you've hit 200 yards try and up your drive to the 300 yard Challenge too! 

Chip over a hazard/bunker/water

Getting the right distance is one thing but so often the height of your shot can be instrumental in its success. Whether there's a bunker between you and the green or a steep bank on the far side of the water hazard, using a well weighted chip is essential and it saves you the embarrassment of rolling up your chequered trousers to take that water shot!

If your chip has fallen short however, never fear as this guide breaks down the technique of getting out of a bunker and making the Sand Save shot.

Once you're off the practice ranges and on the course you'll have a lot of decisions to make over which club to use.
The driving range is an excellent place for you to experiment with the different clubs to see which club best suits each type or shot and also to gauge the distances you can hit with them. If you're relatively new to golf then this guide is a good place to learn when to use each club and what type of shot you can expect them to produce.

See if you can improve your handicap, make par or get that elusive hole-in-one this season!