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#GameChanger - Celebrating defining moments in sport


Posted by Steve R under Running, Tennis, General on 8 July 2013 at 11:00 PM

There are moments that are remembered in sport. Moments which will be retold and reworded so many times that they become things of legend. Billie Jean King #GameChanger

These game changer moments can arise in any sport, from anyone, but they all have one thing in common: they are crucial to the development and evolution of sport.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be celebrating some of sport's true game changers. The #GameChanger Tribe is a place to talk about and celebrate these people, technologies and techniques which have truly changed the face of sport. To be a Game Changer means looking at a problem or a perceived boundary and finding a way to overcome it.

When Billie Jean King took to the court to face Bobby Riggs, she was not only defending her pride as an athlete, but also the right for women to play competitive sport with the same prize money as men.  

Billie Jean King is a great example of a Game Changer. The power of her actions have transended through to the next generation of tennis stars in a way which she could never have expected. Read up on Billie Jean King's contribution to her sport in this guide

Roger Bannister - 4 minute mile - Game Changer

Running a 4 minute mile was thought to be the limit of human ability - surely no man could run 15 miles per hour continuously?! Roger Bannister set himself the target to break the milestone speed and worked for years to achieve his goal. 

Why is Roger Bannister a Game Changer? All it took was that first person to prove that sub 4 minute mile was possible. He paved the way. The record now stands at 3:43.13 and was run by Hicham El Guerrouj. Read more about the sub-4 minute mile and the achievements of Roger Bannister

Game Changers don't have to be from the past, sport evolves continuously, with new techniques and  goals set all the time. 

Tony Hawk is not only incredibly talented on a skateboard, his work in promoting skateboarding as a competitive sport has totally changed the way we view the sport today. When he completed the first ever 900 (a trick where you complete 2 and a half rotations in the air) - He amazed the skateboarding community. When interviewed about it, Hawk stated:

"My priority has always been to be progressive - and if I'm remembered as being progressive or someone that broke limits, that's how I'd rather it be." 

We've been sharing some of the most influential Game Changers of sport in the #GameChanger Tribe - check it out!