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#GameChanger - Techniques and Technology


Posted by Cags R under Basketball, Swimming, Running, General on 10 July 2013 at 11:00 PM

Game Changer moments which arise from technique and technology are often some of the most influential in sport.The Slam Dunk #GameChanger

The slam dunk is the biggest Game Changer in basketball - so much so in fact that when one player started dominating the game with his slam dunk, the NCAA banned it! The 'Lew Alcindor rule' took the slam dunk out of basketball between 1967 and 1976 as it was seen to give taller players a bigger advantage. 

There's no denying that dunking does come easier to players who are over 6 foot, but this doesn't stop 5'9" Nate Robinson from reaching the backboard! Read this guide on how basketball has been changed by this most iconic shot - the Slam Dunk.

The end-to-end play which the Slam Dunk enables, lead to other Game Changers such as Michael Jordon - a player who embodies the necessity for both high scoring attacking play and effective defensive skills. Flip Turn #GameChanger

How about in the pool? Before Coach Tex Robertson developed the flip turn (aka tumble turn), each turn would cost a swimmer up to 2 seconds per length. First used in the 1936 Olympics, the flip turn techique has transformed the front crawl and backstroke. Check out more about this Game Changer in the Flip Turn guide.

There are plenty of different technologies which have caused contraversy over how big an effect they have on swimming - the Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit for example, was banned due to it's use in 70% of the world records broken in swimming in 2008. So where should the line between technology advancing a sport and spoiling it lie? Join the debate now!Photo Finish #GameChanger
For over 100 years, photo technology has been improving the accuracy of sports results. The finishing time between 8 sprinters in the 100m can be as close of 0.5 seconds - with the time between 2 runners at which the human eye can not be accurately relied upon. Photo finishes take thousands of photos per second in order to get the right person on the podium!

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