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Get your office more involved in sport


Posted by Cags R under General on 2 May 2012 at 8:00 AM

This Monday, 8 members of the Tribesports office signed up for their place in the London Marathon 2013. If they get their places they will all train together, with the marathon veterans like Steve helping newbies like Rose, Joe and Julien through the trials that face beginner marathon runners. Will and Andrew will begin a friendly bit of office rivalry, spurred on by David and Sean, whilst the rest of the office will be preparing to cheer them over the finish line! 

This got me thinking; how can we get more offices actively participating in sport?

I have childhood memories of going along to watch my dad playing in his work's cricket team; there would be barbecues and playgrounds for the kids, he was never sent on 'team-building' activity days, the company wasn't forcing this camaradarie - sport created it! 

At Tribesports, we have the great fortune of working in an environment filled with sports-lovers. It was awesome to meet another group of desk-workers getting active at the Herne Hill Velodrome where we experienced our first track session. The Herne Hill volunteers showed us the ropes, taught us how to use a fix-geared bike and then set us off in a race. It was great fun, some hard pedaling and a lot of laughs! 

There's an old working tradition (in Britain at least) of allowing Wednesday afternoons to be taken off for team sports; Universities still maintain the mid-week sporting option and Sheffield Wednesday football club is still named after it. So my question is: when did sport get removed from our working week?

We want it back!

So inspired by our marathon runners I am challenging you to Get Your Office Doing More Sport! Whether it's just some Water-cooler Challenges, going to an exercise class together or setting up an office 5-a-side football team, take the initiative and get your colleagues active!

Share your experience of work-place workouts; what's worked well for you in the past?

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    Great blog! In our workplace over the past 3-4 years we have nearly got our whole team active. I'll post some photos tomorrow of @rubyanne getting everyone out of their offices in the corridor doing morning squats and the bike in each of our rooms. Builds a great team environment and is also a positive influence when the community see us all out active on bikes, roads or playing sports.....and our team is all sizes, ages and fitness levels!


    Awesome Callie! I think it's such a great way to get people working better together too, team building without the cringing!


    Lol we are doing a 24 hr cateye moonride challenge as a team next week. 4 teams of 4 mountabiking on a bush trail. TOTALLY outside all our comfort zone but the team achievement and support to each other will be huge. Sport and exercise is a great vehicle to getting team strong I agree.


    Love your blog! I'm trying to get some colleagues to run the Brit 10k this year and really struggling so it's great to see that one day all this work might pay off and get them out from behind their desks. We're a charity helping older people so no sports links but I still think it's team building and good for everyone!


    I didn't even twig about Sheffield Wednesday!!!

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