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Gift guide: Fitness gifts for him


Posted by Neil B on 13 December 2013 at 12:00 AM

The holiday season is in full swing and if you can't face the shopping mall slalom this weekend, sort out the fitness fanatic men in your life's gifts with some of these top sporting presents!

Gifts for him

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If you're stuck for ideas of what to buy for a guy who loves working out, then here are our top 10 gifts for him, from stocking fillers to total winners:

  1. Performance Tights - he doesn't have to be a superhero to pull off the Men In Tights look, Performance Tights are an essential piece of kit for the dedicated runner and all-weather athlete, keeping him going throughout the winter. Pick up a pair for your winter warrior for £25/$38

    Tribesports user Steve C reviewed them as "Warm but not too warm, comfy with a really good fit & great compression. And if that's not enough then the little features like the zipped legs and the key pocket at the back make them just perfect."
    Men's Performance Tights

  2. Sports massage - it's no day at a spa, but sports massages are a treat for an athlete who's pushing themselves hard in their training. Treatment can be pricey but you can pick up vouchers from many clinics which mean your man can cash in on the massage whenever he needs it most - 90 minute massage will cost around £65/$100 but there are often great deals available if you search around.

  3. Half-zip mid layer - even the most seasoned athlete can be put off by the cold weather, that's where having a Perfomance Half-zip can really make a difference! So many sportsmen throw on a basic hoody and overheat once they get training, give the gift of actual temperature control for £32/$50 and help him stick to his winter training schedule.

    The half-zip gets top marks from Kickstarter backer Manuel F: "Perfect fit, very clean sewing, it's a pleasure to have on my skin.Perfect for running, till now washer resistant, without loosing the silk touch :)I am truly thinking to get a second one and abuse it as a longsleeved T-shirt for all day use."
    Half-zip top
  4. Socks - no, not the ones with Santa dressed up in his favorite football jersey - this year, give him a pair of socks which he can get some real benefits from! Jeff G  (@barefootinclined) recommends a pair of compression socks to help aid recovery after long runs and other endurance activities. When he's putting his feet up with a cuppa after a long run, you'll be helping his muscles recover. Available from around £15/$24, these are luxury gift disguised as a simple one.

  5. Thermal baselayer - perfect if you're buying for a snow sports fanatic or simply a guy who won't let the cold weather stand in the way of his training! The Performance Thermal Baselayer works to optimize performance, whether it's up in the mountains or being taken through trails, the super-soft brush back inner of this training top makes it super comfy - you'll be giving him his new favorite training top for only £26/$35.
  6. Chin-up bar - you can pick up easy-to-attach door frame chin-up bars for around £18/$25 and they're a great addition to a home gym set up.  Pull-ups are considered the king of bodyweight exercises, so this is best home gym gift that won't have you mortgaging your home for! If your man loves a little DIY, then you can always get him a wall attached chin-up bar but if not, there's a great range of door frame options out there.

  7. One-to-one coaching sessions - not only does it show that you've noticed how hard he's been working, but it'll also help him progress in his training with some one-to-one coaching - this is a great way to say "keep up the good work!" - this gift will vary in price depending on the level of expertise you're going for but as experience gifts go, this is a top one for any sportsman.
  8. Tech Tee - you don't have to break the bank to buy a premium Performance Tech Tee, you can pick one up for £18/$25 and he'll look and train like a pro! This is a great gift for the all-rounder sportsman in your life, the tech tee is very versatile - whether it's on the 5-a-side football pitch, in the gym or out on a trail run, this is an essential piece of kit.

  9. Mud race entry - if you're buying for a mud loving maniac, then giving the gift of race entry can be the perfect motivator for his training in the New Year. You can get cheap deals on races when you buy in advance, so make his summer race series even more mud filled and, while youi're at it, you may as well buy yourself a race entry too!

  10. Lacrosse ball - I know what you're thinking "but he doesn't play lacrosse..." (unless, of course, he does) - lacrosse balls are actually amazing for getting rid of tight, knotted muscles! It's like a sports massage only significantly cheaper! This gift is an excellent stocking filler which you can pick up for around £3/$8.

Like what you've seen? Don't forget to use the 10FORHIM discount code. Happy holidays!

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