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Girls vs Boys: The Results


Posted by Cags R under Cycling on 22 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

On Tuesday the race to 1000km cycling began and we never expected the battle of the sexes to be fought so closely and so quickly; we'd thought it was a marathon - turns out to have been a heart-stopping sprint finish!

A nail-biting day ensued yesterday after the number of people taking the Challenge more than doubled and the total figures were already over the halfway point of 500km each: for possibly the first time in Tribesports history we had a deadline which people were considering bunking off work for! Ben R and Rose K sat panic ridden at desks, desperate to leave the office and rack up some miles for their perspective teams.

There was attempted sabotage in the Tribesports office when the boys tried to lock the girls' bikes away whilst pedalling furiously on the exercise bike; full respect goes out to Will R who exchanged his swivel chair for the bike at his desk and proved once and for all that boys can multi-task.

The tactics of Team Tribesports are truly unique; Tony G tried to hynotize the ladies back indoors whilst Anna D suggested nude tactics to put off the other team!  

Everything was looking strong for the girls team at the beginning of the Challenge but we have to admit that the arrival of David G was a game changer - this cycling machine added a total of 148.36km - Thighs Like Hoy anyone? 

It was neck and neck throughout this epic race, no team ever exceeded the other by more that 100km and any larger lead was often short lived with the likes of Josie M using any old excuse to get out on her bike.

It was Jono W's 50km whilst topped the 1000km for the boys for which he is now crowned King Lad for the the week - well done Jono!

Once again we underestimated the awesome power of Team Tribesports, we didn't even get to see Adam S add his distance from his coast to coast Challenge or Amanda B's from her sportive - NEVER FEAR THE GRUDGE MATCH IS HERE!!

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