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Good Luck London Marathon Runners!


Posted by Cags R under Marathon Running on 11 April 2014 at 11:00 PM

Tomorrow, thousands of runners will take on those notorious 26.2 miles through London's streets. To every single one of them, we wish them good luck and a great race!Good Luck London Marathon Runners

All the runners will have been training for months and will enter tomorrow's race with plenty of mental plans and preparation for what's to come. But there are hundreds of thousands unsung marathon heroes who help give the day and amazing atmosphere - so here are a couple of tips for them...

Tips for spectators:

  1. If your hands are tired of clapping or your throat is sore from cheering, take a step back and let some fresh lungs step up to the barrier!

  2. Choose positive phrases like "keep going" rather than "don't stop" - and NEVER tell someone they should be going faster than they are, it's their race.

  3. High 5 runners as they go by - but don't be offended if they leave you hanging!

  4. Many runners will have their name written on their shirt, cheer them by name to give them an extra boost.

  5. Stick around - while the elites will be an exciting part of the day, there are thousands more runners who will remember your encouragement as it takes them over the line!

Good luck to all the runners - it's set to be a dry day so the atmosphere should be absolutely amazing. Shout out runners you know in the comments below!!