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Guest blog: The Wake Up Call


Posted by Cheeta L of Living for the Adventure under Running, Fitness & Training on 5 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

We've got an exciting new feature on the Tribesports blog - Guest blogging has arrived! To start us off we have Tribesports' very own Cheeta L whose blog Living for the Adventure is a cracking insight to her day-to-day training with great advice on different exercises too. She's written up a piece for us on what made her become the fitness fanatic she is today:

I was quite sporty when I was younger. I was the girl that the boys used to pick to play on their team and could kick, throw or run around bases like the best of them. I tried my hand at everything on sports days and especially fell in love with cross country. But by my early teens I started to struggle with my breathing and after a particularly bad episode on the soccer pitch a visit to the doctor saw me diagnosed with sport induced asthma. Even though I could prevent asthma attacks with a puffer (sport inhaler) my focus soon shifted away from sports and I threw myself into my other passion…  the performing arts.

Somehow over the years I became the polar opposite, I was now the one who threw 'like a girl' and screwed my eyes closed when a ball came flying my way. Fast forward through to my late teens to early twenties and I was set in a routine where I enjoyed drinking, smoking and regular nights out. Fitness was one of the furtherest things from my mind.

The Wake up Call

It was late 2010 and I was lying in bed one night when I found something that brought me crashing down to reality. My fingers paused over something unfamiliar and the blood drained from my face. There was no mistaking what I was feeling, it was distinct and hard. I had found a lump in my breast. My youthful invincibility was suddenly unmasked and waves of guilt flooded over me as I asked myself over and over again in my mind. What have you done to yourself?

The doctor sent me for a referral and at the clinic they took a piece of tissue for testing. The pain of the needle was excruciating, but not so much so as the worry in the back of my mind. Cigarettes now in the bin I anxiously waited for the results and when I received the verdict from the doctor I can't express the relief that surged through my body. I was given the all clear. The lump was benign.

My whole outlook on life changed from that moment, it was like being given a second chance and I decided to do something I never thought I'd do again. Run. 

I signed up for Race for Life and enlisted the help of my friend Rachel who was a rather conditioned runner and regularly competed with her running club. My first run was in February 2011 and I couldn't get further than a couple of hundred metres without having to stop, hands on my knees breathing through the tightness I was feeling in my chest. Fear of having an asthma attack was often overwhelming but with the July race date set in my sights I was determined not to let it beat me.

With the encouragement of my fiancee and religious training sessions with my new found running buddy I soon started increasing my distance. Over the weeks that followed my confidence grew and I also came to a sudden realisation, I hadn't been struggling with my breathing any more.

I didn't have sport induced asthma!

In February I hadn't been able to make it two blocks without stopping, in July I was running 10km in the Race for Life. Mind you, I had a terrible cold and was a right mess on the day… but I still managed to finish under an hour! I couldn't have felt better sprinting over that finish line.

Following Race for Life I knew I needed some new challenges. I had contracted the fitness bug and through my adventures on trail runs I had also found a renewed passion for the great outdoors. By chance I stumbled upon the Tribesports website and suddenly a whole new world was opened up to me. With the support of the community behind me I embarked on a variety of challenges and began setting myself new goals.

This year I plan to run a half marathon, complete the 24 hour Three Peaks Challenge and compete in a Spartan Race.

On a more vain note I'd also really like to get my body in top physical form and have that six pack 'pop', it's a work in progress and I'm knuckling down to make it a reality. 

Over the coming months I'll be compiling routines with kettle bells, skipping, cycling, weight training, running, boxing, swimming and a host of other exercises in my bid to become stronger, leaner and hopefully a lot more flexible. I will be documenting my journey with regular progress pictures and also tales of some of the adventures that I get up to in my training sessions.

Once again I'm the polar opposite of the girl I became, I'm now known as the fitness fanatic in the office and I must admit it's a fantastic feeling to have that sporty girl back in my life again. 

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