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Guest Blog: Tough times never last...


Posted by Sinead Kennedy of Sinead Kennedy under Running, General on 30 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

When injury strikes it can be devasting to an athlete, no one knows this better than Sinead Kennedy - psysiotherapist, triathlete, pilates instructor and blogger! Here's her experience from when injury took her out of the game:

Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they are right.That includes injury!!

I recently found out the hard way, that over-training leads to fatigue, which leads to accidents. In my case a broken leg in an Adventure Race in April. I can blame the weather, the stone that tripped me, any number of things, but ultimately I think fatigue and a worn out body that badly needed a rest were the real reason.

So to go from being the fittest I have ever been, to being put in a cast and told not to do anything for 6 weeks was not an easy transition. Like all good aspiring, want to be athletes, my idea of doing nothing is very different to what my doctor ment. I did further damage and added another 6 weeks to life in a cast.

The days and weeks do roll by, its just the time in between thats the problem! No cycling, no running, no work,  no nothing! There is only so much TV can you actually watch, only so many books you can read. So for anyone that is currently injured, here is a top tip to while away the hours! Online courses. You can learn lots of things on Youtube. I learned better swimming techniques to test in rehab! How to cook! Fine tuned how to fix a puncture etc.

Trust me, killing 12 weeks is not easy, time trials on crutches to the shop became the highlight of my day!

The cast is now off, physio has begun. The  leg muscles have wasted away to nothing. My dreams of a big come back any time soon are becoming more and more realistic each day. It takes time to rebuild muscle.  Stablility and proprioception are shot, and worst of all my core strength is gone.

On the bright side, I have come to actually like swimming! I look forward everyday to getting in the pool and getting my fitness back. Its all uphill at the moment but the recovery is well and truly happening. Muscle bulk is starting to come back, I am walking better, I can drive and returned to work this week. My plans and fitness goals are now for spring 2013, hopefully a marathon and a Half Iron Man. For now though its all rehab and getting my fitness back at a reasonable pace.

At the start, I thought it wasnt just a broken leg, it was more like a broken life.

The truth is, I needed a break, literally. My body was exhausted and I lived for the “busy-ness” of it all.

Now, the rest of my body has had time to rest, enjoy some TLC, I caught up on reading, films, learned a few new skills, and most of all learned that its not the end of the world when injury strikes. It is a temporary blip, and while it feels like it will never end... take the time to enjoy being pampered and fussed over! As they say, Stop and Smell the Roses!

Want to follow more of Sinead's journey? You can find out more on her blog and also share your experiences in the Disaster I'm Injured Tribe.

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    @sineadk well I guess...u endured hard during those adventure races...and now it's time for u take some rest and enjoy ur time ...."Stop and Smell Roses"

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    Good to know u r resting...........happy health and 54 I try to stay injury hard not to be able to get up and feel good and strong...Sinead U take care,,,,,,,,:)

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    As a fellowed injured person, I can really relate to your commnet "Like all good aspiring, want to be athletes, my idea of doing nothing is very different to what my doctor meant". My physio had to tell me to slow down on more than one occasion in this initial weeks after my surgeries! Dealing with injury does get easier - I'm about half way through my rehab and have actually really enjoyed trying out different activities :-)

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    Thanks for all the nice comments. rehab has been challenging but I start back cycling tomorrow and running in november. Watching the Paraolympics at the moment and those guys and girls are just amazing. Makes me a very humble injured amateur!!!

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    Well this was not an injury but i had a major opp on my jaw i could not do any exercise for 8 months it was tough yes but i got straight back into my fitness. It does not matter what abilities you have exercising you will get injured it's just about being positive and there is always there is something you can do. I also ensure i take rest periods ever so often.

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    Oh my, I have some injury right now on my left knee, meniscus problem, and I can't run. Fortunately, I can do everything else but run. Hope this injury go soon. Nice Blog, really liked it. Inspirational.

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    Just the thought of not being able to hit the road makes my claustrophobia kick in, but I know there are reasons for whatever happens, so I imagin I would do the same things you did while laid up with and injury. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Well done firstly for taking the hard step of beginning down the next part of your fitness journey :) I completely understand how difficult it must have been with so much time out. I injured the nerves in my right calf playing rugby which led to constant pain and all the other symptoms that go with it. It was a possible career and hobby breaker, inspirational blog that makes me glad I stepped back out and that fitness and sport have taight me so many more things about myself than the fact I can simply run a marathon or compete in an adventure race. I look forward to continuing to follow your journey!

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