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Hack Your Urban Fitness


• Posted by Rose K under Yoga, Cycling, Running, Fitness & Training on 21 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

With our busy lives getting busier and so many different demands on free time, fitting in exercise can seem a real challenge. However, if you think back over your day and break things down, how much of it could you alter to fit in a little exercise?

Run/walk to work? A game of squash at lunchtime? Pull-ups when you walk past a playground? There are so many activities you can build into your everyday urban life; getting off the bus one stop earlier than usual, or riding a bike instead of taking public transport. It doesn’t have to stop there - get inventive. There are so many forms of exercise you can do in the city that you may have never considered. ZICO have put together an awesome infographic of different activities in London that you may not have realised are available, and offers nice ideas that you could hunt out in your own town too - check it out!

Is the thought of spending hours and hours dragging yourself around in the wet and the cold putting you off? Fear not! Ex-Army Fitness expert Lucy Wyndham-Read is all for the short intense workout:

“Whether it's a short brisk walk or doing a workout at home, the key is to up the intensity; intervals are a great way of doing this so simply do bursts of pushing yourself hard for between 20 - 60 seconds then give yourself a 10 - 20 second recovery period. This means your workouts can be shorter and will help strip fat, burn calories and increase your fitness.” 
Check out ZICO ambassador Lucy’s guide for more exercise tips. 

ZICO ambassador and personal trainer Anthony Band is a big fan of exercising outside too:

“Exercising outdoors can bring great excitement to a workout, especially in a group. Woodlands, parks and even streets can be a giant playground packed with obstacles - all you need to do is let your hair down and give it a go!”
Check out Anthony’s guide for more details.

A Healthy Balance

In order to get the most out of your workout you need to ensure that you maintain a healthy diet and keep well hydrated. The best way to do this is to eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and generally Eat Clean.

Sports drinks play a key role here too. If you are looking to eat and drink as naturally as possible then Coconut Water is a great addition to your diet and offers a great option for post-workout refreshment. It is a rich source of potassium - the main electrolyte which helps to maintain normal muscle function by regulating the natural fluid balance of your body; this prevents headaches, stops cramping and keeps your temperature down, which helps you to exercise longer and more efficiently.

Inspired by some of these tips and ideas? Why not take the ZICO Challenge: exercise outside and log it!

ZICO Coconut Water is naturally low calorie with no added sugar and no fat. Rich in the essential electrolyte potassium, ZICO helps maintain normal muscle function and is perfect for an active, on-the-go lifestyle in its re-sealable bottle. Available at selected Waitrose & Tesco stores nationally, POD, Vital Ingredient & other independent stores across London. Please see for more details. 

Regain your balance… Renew your day.

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    Great resource @rose ...for those of us who don't have time in their busy lives, can follow few simple things to make our urban living full of activities...that too, without wasting their precious time... Getting up at a bus-stop earlier and sneaking time during whatever idle time we get during days can simple change the "Idle life to Ideal Life"... coconut water forms one of the most nutritious health drink given by India you will find these readily available on bus stops and almost all grocery stores...

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    Would love to parkour my way to work! For now I shall content myself with cycling but one day I'm going London rooftops route!

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    Might have to give Lucy's interval training plan a go tonight, sounds intense!

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    I used to love Wandsworth Common when I lived in Clapham - you could circuit train your route through a 5k run - they had brilliant bars and apparatus spread around. More parks should do that. I love Anthony's guide too!

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    Nice article... appreciating the reminder that exercise can be in little pieces throughout the day instead of one big spurt.

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    Clean eating implies also some factors like no fast-food, no alcohol, no irrational number of meals a day. The factors that are usually influencing students life. And who can disprove or contradict the research paper by author Henry Taylor?

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