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Happy International Surfing Day


Posted by Cags R under Surfing on 19 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

Surf's Up - time to take to the waves to celebrate International Surfing Day!

All around the world there are organized beach cleans, bonfires and surfing masterclasses to celebrate the world's coolest sport - Surfing! So to get into the spirit here are some of Tribesports surfing Challenges to get you out on the water:

Ride your first wave 

We all have to start somewhere and this is the beginning for all surfers. Whether you've never taken to the water before or you're an experienced bodyboarder needing to master the pop-up, get out there and catch your first wave!

Andy B has written an awesome guide to help you avoid injury on your first few times on the water: it's perfectly normal to hit yourself in the face with your board but hopefully with these tips you can minimise the amount of embarrassing wipe-outs!

3 hour surf session

Practise makes perfect and you can't beat time on the water for improving your surfing! 

Learn which waves you want to ride and which you'll let pass. You'll find your confidence growing and also you will be able to experiment with your stance, position on the board and improve your drop-ins.

Make sure to take a buddy and if you get tired have rest by sitting on your board and having a chat!

Surf a river

If you don't have access to the sea or just fancy trying a different type of surfing, check out river surfing. 

Originating from a Hawaiian surfer, Jon Imhof, became stranded inland and wanted to continue surfing.

This branch of surfing is still quite niche but see if you can find a local centre that runs river surfing classes or if you're already an experienced surfer then find a spot and give it a go!

Half an hour paddle board (SUP)

Another branch of surfing which has realy taken off in recent years is SUP. Great in lighter conditions as well as in the bigger surf, the SUP revolution is here! 

Andrew P and Pete K are our resident SUP guys so look them up if you're after advice and check out the SUP-ers Tribe to meet fellow paddle boarders.

Have a great International Surfing Day and share your best surf stories here!