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Have your say about the biggest #GameChanger


Posted by Cags R under General on 14 July 2013 at 11:00 PM

All last week, we celebrated famous Game Changers. From revolutionary techniques to epic record breakers, there have been a lot of professional Game Changers who have been battling it out for your approval!Game Changers

But what do you think? So far in the #GameChangers Tribe there's been a great response with people saying what they class as a Game Changer and also who has been a big Game Changer in their sport:

Peter B profile
"How about Dick Fosbury for a GameChanger? Developing a technique which most people frowned upon and made fun of and taking it to a Gold medal at the 1968 Olympics. At the time he was the only one using his technique, but in the following Olympics 1972, 28 out of 40 contestants used it. And look at it now, it has completely taken over high jumping for good." - 
Peter B 

Brad N profile"Marion Bartoli who just won at Wimbledon is a great example, many techniques in her game that tennis experts cringe at, and yet she can combine them with who she is as a person and make them work for her, and at the end of the day she succeeds! I would say the same for Janet Evans in swimming, I used to hate watching her thrash away like a drowning person, but she was so damn quick! And Michael Johnson on the track, would many coaches teach his running style? In Cricket there is Lasith Malinga, with a somewhat unteachable style of bowling that succeeds primarily because it is so different!" -  Brad N

Alan C profile

"There have been many great names in Triathlon who have advanced the sport and got it recognition on the world stage and who are still active in the longer distances.  However the game changer is Alistair Brownlee. Ex world champion, current Olympic champion he has taken the multi sport of Triathlon to new levels." -
 Alan C

Think you know a better Game Changer than these examples? Share yours now!

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    Dose John not get a mention with al?


    Martin Pipe completely transformed national hunt racing with his modern training methods. Aidan O'Brien has done something similar with flat racing. While leading in Istabraque following his third champion hurdle victory at Cheltenham he was asked by a female interviewer 'you have trained numerous Derby winners, multiple classic winners, hundreds of Group 1 winners, been champion trainer in England and Ireland, simultaneously, on numerous occasions and yet can still manage to train a great champion hurdler. - what's your secret Aidan?' A irish voice in the crowd shouted out 'don't f**king tell her Aidan'.


    Yer but with out them as brothers, it would not be the same. John would had have silver if he had got of the bike 6cm earlier. When I trained with them they where just as good as each outher, and he is only like 23, thats a long way off the prime age for a triathlete.

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