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High Intensity Training Challenges


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 22 May 2012 at 8:18 AM

High Intensity Training is increasingly being acknowledged as the best training to burn fat. We're talking red-faced, sweat your pants off, lungs burning intensity!  Change your long jog to sets of short sprints, and reap the benefit not only from increased fat burning but it will also help your longer distance running too. Here's an article from Project Swole with the facts and figures but here on Tribesports it's Challenge Time:

1. Run Like You Stole Something 

Long distance and endurance cardio is all very good if there's no one chasing you, but what if you had a moment of insanity? That whimsical moment of kleptomania which then requires you to run as fast as you physically can!

Now obviously we're not endorsing you to actually steal something but this Challenge will get you sprinting until your lungs burn - dodge obstacles as you scatter from the scene of your crime! 

Challenge creator Stephen M recommends hills for optimum intensity.

2. The Burpee-Jump-Rope 10 minute Fitness Test  

Long gone are the days when skipping was the activity of little girls in the playground, Rocky saw that stereotype off! This 10 minute Challenge is great for varying your range of motion and all at high intensity.

See how quickly you can complete it but beware of the immeasurable pain of rope burn from skipping too fast!

3. Cycle 1km in 80 seconds or less 

Sprinting isn't exclusive to running, get on your bike and pedal as fast as humanly possible! Find yourself a clear stretch and go from static to sprinting in 1 second!

What would be your method? Changing up through the gears or going in tough with a single speed?

See if you notice the difference by using toe clips which will improve your efficiency on the pedals by allowing you to pull as well as push.

4. Row 6 x 500m

Rowing a 500m split is an excellent high intensity exercise so this interval training Challenge is perfect. Push your entire body as hard as you can whilst keeping one eye on the clock to crack that PB!

See if you can improve your split time whilst maintaining consistencey. Like with all sprinting practices, it is best to work as hard as you can and aim to achieve the same times with each repetition.

This will mean that you will learn to use your rest time between intervals more effectively.

5. Swim 50m in Under 30 seconds

This is a great accomplishment to get a good swim sprint time. If there's ever proof needed that high intensity training burns fat then look no further than swimmers - have you ever seen a sprint swimmer with an inch of fat?!

Starting with an explosive dive from the blocks will give you the best shot at smashing the 30 second target.

You don't need an Olympic standard pool, your average 25m pools can be an excellent training ground for your sprint interval workouts!