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Home training programs as recommended by Tribesports


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 21 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

The most popular Tribe on Tribesports is Get fit without joining a gym; with over three thousand members, it's a great place to share your out-of-the-gym workouts as well as discovering which home work out programs work for other Tribesports users. Here are 5 workouts as recommended by you:

  1. P90X - one of the most frequently mentioned home workout programs on Tribesports; the program works over a 90 day period, it works by constantly changing the exercises in the workouts and creating what they call 'Muscle Confusion' which they claim means you will never plateau. P90X also comes with a nutrition plan which is as vital as the workout in order to get the full benefits of the program.

    Pros: highly recommended by the Tribesports community, demonstrations of a wide range of workouts, full nutrition plan to accompany the workouts.

    Cons: Tribesports community has complained of it being too time consuming as a daily workout, taking around 80 minutes to complete, the cardio aspects are less challenging than the strength ones but overall this gets a thumbs up from you guys!

    Take on the P90X Challenge and let us know how it goes.
  2. DIY resistance bands - this is a great trip from Arion M to use old bicycle inner tubes as resistance bands. For cyclists these are easy to come by and are essentially free as you can simply recycle your punctured old inner tubes. We've got resistance band workouts which you can try at home, check out the Challenges on site. See if you can get hold of a range of different inner tubes in order to work at different resistance levels; mountain bike tubes will prove to be higher resistance than road bike tubes etc. 

    Pros: if you have old inner tubes around the house then this home workout tool is free! Purpose built resistance bands starting at around $15 and going up to around $40 for the more expensive range. Very diverse workout tool which can assist you in many different aspects of fitness

    Cons: relies on you having old bike inner tubes around the house.
  3. Kettlebell workouts - as recommended by Kirstie M, the kettlebell is a great home workout; Kirstie recommends the Pavel From Russia with Tough Love book which takes you from a beginner to a kettlebell swinging pro in 3 months. It is also recommended to get the DVD as you can see the correct form as demonstrated on screen. This workout is aimed specifically at women though Pavel does have other DVDs and books such as Enter the Kettlebell which are targetted at men as well.

    Pros: glowing customer reviews, good instruction and a good progressive program over 3 months

    Cons: although form is demonstrated there is a risk of users performing the exercises incorrectly, combining the cost of the dvd, book and kettlebell does clock up a bit of a hefty fee (around $80-$100) though in comparison to gym fees for 3 months this isn't so bad!

    Try it yourself and take the Complete a Pavel Course Challenge

  4. Insanity - this is another DVD based workout which is very popular with the Tribesports community. Using a Max Intensity Interval Training program, Insanity is an hour long workout designed to make you work hard and work fast. It combines aerobic, anaerobic, strength and cardio training (yes that does sound awfully generic) but in a high intensity workout guided by your personal trainer Shaun T. The program works over 60 days rather than the 90 that P90X asks and each session is shorter too.

    Pros: easy to fit into the day as it is only an hour, good responses from the Tribesports community, accompanied by a diet plan.

    Cons: high intensity program lasts 60 days rather than becoming a lifestyle change. 
  5. Zuzana's Workout of the Day - aka ZWODs are high intensity workouts which are lead by Zuzana on her youtube channel. As a co-found of these videos are slighlty rougher cut than those of the Insanity or P90X programs but it is refreshing to see someone who is in great shape also gets knackered by these exercises! The workouts vary which muscle groups you work on (so use the same logic as P90X Muscle Confusion) and work with your own bodyweight mostly, with added resistance when Zuzana fancies being a bit mean!

    it's free! Unlike some of the other home workouts this was intentionally distributed on Youtube and so you can workout guilt free! 

    Cons: they are quite short workouts and should be supplemented with other training  

So what are your all time favourite home based workouts? Share them here and in the Get fit without joining a gym discussion!