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How to get the kids active in the holiday season


Posted by Cags R under General on 21 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

It's easy to fall into the trap of repeated Christmas movies and board games but what can you do this year to get the kids active in the holiday season?

Our guest blogger Laura P has written up a guide on 5 ways to encourage the kids to be active over the holidays which is full of great advice for keeping the kids off the couch (especially if it's cold outside!) and running, playing and generally having fun in an active way - here are Laura's top 5 in a quick list - find out more by reading her full guide:

  1. Make it a family activity                                                                                                          
  2. Turn it into a game
  3. Use incentives
  4. Lead the way
  5. Get outside with them

Amy L kids ice fishing

Amy L's kids ice fishing - lots of fun even in the cold!

Here's how the rest of the Tribesports community stay active with their families throughout the year:

John F profile

John F: My daughter has done 3 duathlons and 15km run with me, this year is her first triathlon!

Goldie L profile

Goldie L: Just got back from 5 full days (12 hours plus each day) in Disneyland with my Son, Daughter-in-law & two grand daughters. Everyday filled with walking, swimming & having a fantastic time in Southern California.

Dwight W

Dwight W: A great day spent with the family bowling, hanging out and topped off with some evening swiming with friends.

How do you stay active over Christmas with your family?

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    Holidaying on the Murray River, a jog each morning, a family walk in the evenings. Loads of swimming, and games in the pool and river. Playing the local golf course, riding bikes, ten pin bowling, water skiing, tubing and knee boarding. Walking the shopping strip, and leading the whole group (a few families) through core work :)

    Teresa D encouraged this.


    today is the first day of looking after a friends dog for a week whilst they go on holiday....we have just come back from a good 2 hours in the fresh air, son on his bike, me x partner walking... really enjoyed blowing the cobwebs off x gonna do it again in the morning, but i'm gonna run, kids x partner on miss having a dog, it inspires the kids to exercise more but you should see the state of my kitchen! lol


    We did lots of ice fishing, of course, also cross country skiing and the kids got snow shoes from Santa for XMAS. Sleds are a must for our family as well!

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