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How to hack your eating habits


Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 16 May 2012 at 7:04 AM

Throughout the day do you notice a definite spike in the healthiness of your food choices? A study has shown that there is a global trend to make healthier choices early in the day compared to the evening or night.

In his recent article, Mark Wilson highlighted the research from Massive Health which showed that across the world we eat a healthier breakfast than we do dinners. Here are 2 of their images, one for 7am and one for 4pm - the green area represents a healthy choice and the yellow/red represents less healthy food choices:



So if we know this, what can we at Tribesports do to help hack into our poor eating decisions and make a change? Yesterday we gave you 5 tips for food Challenges to help you stick to your dietary commitments, but how about a couple of Challenges to help?

  • Discover where you're slipping up by taking the Food Diary Challenge - this is a great way to raise your own awareness about your diet. It also holds you accountable for your choices - acknowledging that packet of biscuits you chowed down at 10pm makes you less likely to repeat!

  • The #WeeklyChallenge this week is all about Eating Clean - make sure your dinner is as healthy as your breakfast by resisting processed food and cooking fresh.

  • Often the biggest reason for us to eat badly is convenience - take on the Scratch Cooking Challenge and see if you can make all of your favourite food from scratch - there will be less salt and additives and always worth the extra effort!

  • Bastian is setting you the Challenge to have No food or calorie filled drinks after 6.45. Eat the breakfast of a king, lunch of a prince and dinner of a pauper and see if you notice a difference in your cravings.

  • And let's not forget the silent killer of good intentions: Alcohol! No, I didn't want that bucket of fried chicken, kebab and fries - alcohol did though! Take the 4 Weeks without Alcohol Challenge and see how your late night diet differs.
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    I'm terrible in the evenings with food, especially at the moment with exams its so easy to grab some sweets or something to keep me awake!

    Sonu K encouraged this.


    links to some really good challenges in there. I don't think I will ever be taking the 4 weeks without alcohol challenge though, I just can't completely outlaw it.


    Yeah I agree @adrian, I think that would be my next big dietary Challenge after the month without Coke, just need to pick a month where I have no social plans!


    Interesting that Africa and Canada don't seem to eat at all!


    Just in the very nick of time ! Those challenges will help me going through a month of better eating habits.

    Sonu K encouraged this.


    @eleanorr the study was taken from participating countries only I'm afraid, still interesting though


    @eleanorr I guess Massive Health didn't have those data. China, India and Russia represent a big third of the world population and it seems as well that they don't eat.

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    @cags it was a good article Cags...the problem I felt was a large volume of population is missing as @eleanorr felt...and the correlation of this data with incidence of CVD, Obesity and Diabetes would have been interesting!


    wish they had been able to collect global data fully but they do touch on each continent, not too shoddy! @sonu it's representative of the average single day, it's a symbol of the changing will power we go through throughout a day - from muesli at breakfast to a kebab at the end of the night!


    @cags you know Cags, India and China are two countries which consume the least amount per capita sugar in the world...still these two countries are the topper in the diabetic, what do u make out of it...sometimes, these statistics become so confusing....:(


    interesting article, and I agree that it's a pity that the data is incomplete. It would also be interesting to see what foods are considered healthy for consumption at these times of day - fruit juice for instance being able to be classed in either camp depending on which study you read!

    Sonu K encouraged this.


    @kirstiem hey Kirstie, you pointed out a very nice thing....fruit juice can really go in both the camps...he he he...and in my view tht's worst thing for health!


    Fruit juice was just an example of the conflicting information out there Sonu - I used it purely because it's the latest in a loooooong line of confusing nutritional information that's available. Many other foods, such as butter, cheese, red meat, and even avocado and coconut can fall into this duel class camp. Depending on the report you read all these are either classed as healthy or not healthy and without understanding the data put forward it's difficult to get a complete picture. From reading the article it seems like our intrepid reporter fell into the same trap that I used to crash into - not eating enough for breakfast! Yogurt and fruit is a healthy breakfast, but unless you're prepared to eat small meals more often it won't hold you until lunch! Actually, my most effective way of hacking my eating habits has been to exercise in the early evening. I'm way less likley to snack in an unhealthy way if I've built up a sweat before hand. That and a little of what you fancy when you fancy it (rather than resisting and turning it into a big deal) ;-)

    Sonu K encouraged this.


    Totally agree, people are more consciously in the mornings and tend to be more focused on health drinks. I would have to say some cereals aren't as healthy as they say there are!

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