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How Tribesports users will influence community-powered sportswear


Posted by Steve R on 16 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

Community-powered sportswear. What does it mean?

To start with, Tribesports Performance wear was born out of the idea that real sportspeople deserve premium sportswear without the premium price tag - and what better place to find real sportspeople than right here on Tribesports!Tribesports Community

The Tribesports community is filled with sportspeople from every walk of life - from weekend warriors (who ditch the suit on a Friday to take on awesome sporting adventures) to personal trainers, full-time mums (squeezing fitness into day-to-day life) to semi-pro athletes.

What do all these people have in common? They all love sport.

So wouldn't it be awesome if your feedback was used in a sports brand's decisions:

"Input from those who would actually use it is invaluable, since their feedback directly relates to how they use the product." Andro D (Tribesports user)

Tribesports Performance wear has already been influenced by your feedback, but moving forward, how will your input be used to create the sportswear you want?

  1. Your product suggestions prioritized - we have a few designs in the works but your suggestions put the products you're requesting to the top of the priority list. So far, this has pushed the women's shorts and open-back tank top, as well as men's tights and singlet into high priority with our factories

  2. You'll be voting on our new colors - this will be put into action once we hit the £75k mark on Kickstarter, but moving forward there will be regular polls to get your opinion on new colorways

  3. As a community, new products will be your choice - your suggestions and feedback in the early stages of choosing which new products will be launched is vital to Tribesports Performance wear. Get the features you want without having to compromise on price

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