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Improve your swim sprints


Posted by Cags R under Swimming on 13 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

Whether you're a competitive swimmer, regularly log lengths or just occassionally add swimming into your training, we can all improve our sprint times. Even if you don't consider yourself a swimmer, swimming is a great way to cross train, enabling a rest from the high impact of running and being on your feet whilst still providing excellent cardio and anaerobic workouts.

These Challenges are all suitable for anyone looking to get a bit of High Intensity Interval Training in their exercise routine; HIIT is an excellent way to burn fat, improve your fitness and has been proven to be more effective than much longer, time consuming cardio sessions. These training Challenges have been recommended by Kevin D in his awesome guide - Beginner's Guide to Sprint Freestyle.

In order to improve your 50m Freestyle Spint you need to vary your training, including different distances at different intensities - no use swimming 50m repeatedly to try and get faster (whipping out the ol' Albert Einstein quote; Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So here are 4 sprint drill Challenges:

5 x 100m - Decreasing your time for each time and going all-out for the final 100m

10 x 50m - Odds easy, evens all-out

10 x 25m- Odds easy, evens all-out

20 x 12.5m- Odds easy, evens all-out

Record your 50m time to monitor your training, by incorporating these simple sprint intervals onto the end of a cardio session you will improve your sprint time and burn more fat.