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Intermediate Calisthenics Workout from Al Kavadlo


Posted by Al Kavadlo of Al Kavadlo Calisthenics Training under Fitness & Training on 23 April 2013 at 11:00 PM

Al Kavadlo is a Strength and Conditioning Coach who focuses on body weight exercises.

Calisthenic exercises are totally adaptable to your needs; you can increase or decrease resistance to suit your fitness levels - remember to push yourself so that you can perform good form whilst increasing the load of your workouts over time.

Al Kavadlo 5x5 Intermediate Calisthenics Challenge

Take the 5x5 Intermediate Body Weight Workout now!

Al Kavadlo set up an awesome 3 part Challenge series; if you're new to body weight workouts then take on the Beginner Challengebut if you think this looks too easy, check out the Advanced Challenge instead!

These 5 exercises should be performed for 5 sets of 5 reps - simple, right?

  • 5x Pull ups - one of the best body weight moves for your back and arms. You can progress to muscle-ups for the advanced workout or if you're a beginner, opt for Australian pull-ups to start with.
  • 5x Hanging knee raises - using the weight of your legs, you will work your lower abs. Once you feel confident with the weight of your legs with knees bent, work on progressively straightening your legs to prepare yourself for the advanced hanging leg raises.
  • 5x Assisted pistol squats - pistol squats are an excellent lower body and core stability exercise. Using a pole for support, you can build up your technique with 5 assisted pistol squats on each legs. It's not uncommon to find it easier on one leg than the other - make sure you master assisted pistol squats on both legs before progressing to unsupported pistol squats.
  • 5x Pike push ups - the change of angle from regular push ups will build your shoulder strength and work as a great stepping stone to performing handstand push ups!

Check out Al's demonstration video of all the exercises in this workout:

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    I'm currently mixing up the beginner and intermediate Challenges - I can complete 1 set of intermediate (though the pull ups are still hard) then finish the other 5 sets with the beginner workout, love these!

    Jane H and Marco C encouraged this.


    A great reminder that I have the beginner challenge still on my to do list. Thank you Al, awesome exercises :)

    Marco C encouraged this.


    Loving the pistol squats! Yes to the burn baby!

    Marco C encouraged this.


    This is soooo hard!! currently struggling through it in the office - quote from @andrew "I never thought I'd say this - but pull-ups are the easiest part!"


    Wow that was tough. Not sure I did the pistol squats quite right, but I got through it. The pull ups were indeed the easiest part!


    Frequency of this routine? 3 times a week or daily?


    @dr03k 3x a week is a good start, Al Kavadlo recommends doing it until you are confident at performing the 5 x 5 sets and then move on to the advanced workout


    Going to give this a try. Although have concerns with regards to the pullup progression. 5x5 pullup transitioning onto muscle ups (advance routine)? That's one hell of a leep in difficulty! ... although I guess it could work if I focused on explosiveness. Anyways won't know until I try. Thanks Cags.

    David B and Cags R encouraged this.


    I'm currently working on a hybrid of the beginner/intermediate - doing the pike push-ups & assisted pistol squats but can't do the pull-ups yet so doing a mix of australian pull-ups and negatives (mostly negatives and trying to reduce the power in my jump)


    Erm, what are Australian push ups??? I'm an Aussie and I have never heard of them lol

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