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It's Game Day!!


Posted by Neil B on 2 February 2014 at 12:00 AM

Super Bowl XLVIII is here! We've looked into some of the astonishing stats and facts that surround the most watched sporting event of the year...

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Did you know... 15% of a sample group said they would skip the birth of a child to watch the Super Bowl!

Cute is the new pyrotechnics...

Super Bowl commercials used to be about who can go BIG - now, it's become a 60 second challenge to make the nation sob! In just 2 days, the Budweiser commercial received 24 million views on Youtube. We were toying with the idea of an ad with horses and puppies... but then the horse couldn't fit in the Performance 5" Shorts.

Place your bets...

One third of American adults have bet on a Super Bowl game in their life - this year, why not save some cash and bet in burpees - losing team has to pay one burpee for each point of the winning team (and just hope it's not a 49ers style 55 point win - ouch!)

Distance covered...

Love your long distance running? Then football's not your game! Did you know the distance covered by a wide receiver is only 1.2 miles per game?! Considering the average Super Bowl game last 4 hours (including breaks) that goes to show that distance covered is not the measure of a sport!

Super Bowl parties are IN!

That's right, 9 out of 10 Super Bowl fans will be watching in their home or at a friends. That's why we put together the Super Bowl Workout - so it won't just be the score that's making you sweat on Game Night!

How will you be spending your Super Bowl party? Ours will involve planks, push-ups and squats - how about you?

Superbowl Workout

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    Love the Super Bowl Workout guys, am going for that! Go Broncos! Watching the game live here means we will not get to bed until gone 3am but we don't care!! Have a great Super Bowl Sunday all.

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