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Jacked Pack's Big Back Workout


Posted by Evan C under Weight Training (Strength Training) on 27 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

Ready for a workout to build yourself a stronger back? Jacked Pack have put together this combination of pull-ups, barbell work, dumbells and cable machines to help you get a Jacked Pack back!

Big Back Workout

While there's a lot of truth in the saying "friends don't let friends miss legs day", the same could also be said for training your back - so here are 3 reasons not to skip back day:

  1. Stronger back = better posture - especially true if you live your working life at a desk, strengthening your back and building some muscle will mean your day-to-day posture will improve as your shoulders are pulled back into a stable position, and your lats and spinal erectors wake up to stabilise your spine. No more rounded shoulders and forward slouching!

  2. Your back is perhaps the most important base for your compound moves and sports performance - want to improve your squat, bench press and deadlift? Then your back had better be up for the challenge. Poor form in these exercises is often credited to either poor flexibility or losing the 'tight' back and stable core you need to perform them safely. A stable shoulder position, tight lats and a flat, strong lumbar provide the perfect platform for power transfer during a bench press, take the slack out of the system and protect the spine during deadlifts, and will prevent you from feeling crushed as you load up under a heavy squat. This increased stability and strength also transfers very well to sports and athletic performance.

  3. Even muscle distribution looks better - nobody looks great with disproportionate muscle distribution, a well-trained back is vital to getting the complete package. Looking for the much sought after V shape physique as a guy or hour glass figure as a girl? Your back and shoulders are key and will help accentuate a trim waist! 

Ready to improve your lats and back with the workout? Add it to your favorites and get training now!

Add BIG BACK TRAINING to your workouts

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