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January Competition Winners!


Posted by Cags R on 22 February 2012 at 12:00 PM

Meet our January competition winner and current Tribesports super-user Kaye D!

The competition was to make a new Challenge and to make it popular – Kaye won with her early bird’s Challenge to Go for an early morning run which was taken by 60 Tribesports Users! Kaye used the £200 prize money to get herself a Garmin Cycle Computer and some Mavic Espoir cycling gloves. 

Runners-up in the competition were Vikash P (director at Duo You Plus Us gym) with his hydrating 2 litres of water a day Challenge and Alex H’s Set a personal best in 2012. Vik claimed an Adidas Track Top as his prize while Alex spread his £50 over a few items: The Ultimate Parkour and Freerunning Book, a Camelpak Dryer and Cleaning Kit, a mountaineering map for Brighton and Hove and his last £5 on some Tiger Balm.

We caught up with them all to find out what they’re going to be using them for!

What inspired you to create your Challenge?

Kaye: I love the idea of early morning running but am not too great at getting out of bed, I hoped the challenge would inspire me to run before work, I still haven’t completed it but am hopeful this will happen in the summer. 

Vik: I wanted to get my body fat down to 7-9% by April and wanted to make sure I stayed hydrated during my extra training.

Alex: I was suffering from the usual post New Year slump and I'm not a fan of resolutions as they can be easily broken, instead I like to set goals, they're more constructive and you can strive to achieve them instead of trying to avoid breaking them like a resolution. 
I noticed that there was no personal best for 2012 and I had a few personal best goals based around my running and rowing that I wanted to achieve so I set up a challenge to let me do that.

How and where do you plan to use your prizes?

Kaye: I have just bought a new road bike so plan to get a cycle computer, i have a terrible sense of direction and this will help me get home again after those long rides out.

Vik: I’m going to wear my top with pride at Duo Gym

Alex: I've really been getting into my off road biking in nearby Tilgate forest recently and that is currently where most of my kit gets used.

Are you in training for any specific event or have you got any trips planned?

Kaye: I am currently training for London marathon. Trying to train hard but smart to avoid injury.

Vik: I’m planning to do the Spartan Challenge :-) 

Alex: Apart from my personal best times, I'm aiming to have adjusted to barefoot running (in Vibram Five Fingers) and be running my usual distances by the end of the year. I have also let a friend convince me to take my first parachute jump out of a plane this year too.

What challenges do you plan to take and complete using your prizes?

Kaye: All the cycling Challenges! Particularly those that keep you going; i.e. cycle 1000 miles in a year

Vik: Goals for 2012 get body fat down to 7-9%.

Alex: I plan on using The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning Book to complete the Basic Precision Jump and the Parkour Climb Up Challenges.

And lastly, what would be your one thing to take onto a desert island from our Tribesports store?

Kaye: OOoooh probably the Livestrong Turbo Trainer.

Vik: Your biggest water bottle!

Alex: A slackline to set up between two palm trees, by the time I'm picked up by a passing steam boat, raft, sea turtles lashed together or Somali pirates I will have had time to learn a host of tricks! 

So what are your next purchases on your wishlist? Look out for more competitions from Tribesports where you too could be winning a little shopping spree!