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Keep the fun in your run!


Posted by Danny Bent of The World Relay under Running on 8 February 2013 at 12:00 AM

Have you come back from a run recently soaking wet, cold and a little bit miserable? Or worse still, looked out of a window and decided against putting on your running shoes altogether? 

Here are a few tips on how to make your next run a little bit more enjoyable.

Put the fun back in running1) Make it a game. My favourite runs are around Richmond Park playing follow my leader with my running buddies. We take 5 minutes each at the front and the followers have to do exactly what the leader does. We jump logs, splash through puddles, climb trees and have even been known to run into the posh cafe - running around the people eating Sunday Roasts in our muddy, wet gear with huge grins on our faces.

2) Leave your techie gear at home. There's nothing worse than looking at your Garmin and seeing that you're a full 5 seconds slower per mile than you were in the summer. At this time of year our bodies naturally perform to a lower level so leave your gadgets at home and try to remember why you fell in love with running in the first place.

3) Remember why you first started running. I recently found myself running with the soul aim of keeping track of my weight, and winning races. That's two negative aims. When I first started running I did it because I loved being outside, the company of like minded individuals, and the feeling of whizzing around a course with the wind in my hair. As soon as I revisited these reasons I was coming home from work excited about my run.

4) If you have a holiday or are travelling with work use your running as a way to explore your new destination. Keep your eyes up and take in the places you'd like to visit at a slower pace later on in the day.

Utah running

5) Join a club or group. There's nothing better than running along lost in a conversation. Running clubs are a fabulous place to meet new friends with similar interests and, if you're looking for romance, look no further. If I went to every wedding that has come from the Serpentine Running Club I'd never have a chance to take a long weekend run.

Lastly, and most importantly...

World Relay Image

6) Become part of something bigger. Join a group of people trying to achieve something epic. Tribesports have a number of challenges that you can take part in working together to achieve a common goal. You could join my own new tribe - Run Around The World - an ambitious challenge called The World Relay. 

The World Relay will travel 28,000 miles across 6 continents and 30 countries by foot, starting and finishing in London.

5,000 runners will keep the relay going non-stop around the clock in a bid to complete the journey in 180 days, raising thousands of pounds for charity along the way.

We are currently fundraising using Social Funding Platform Indiegogo

Join our Tribe and if you can help contribute to making the World Relay a reality that'd be super double cool.

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    For me, I enjoy the fun & scenery whenever I ran & feel happy about it ;DD

    Danny B and Jenna A encouraged this.


    World Relay reminds me of our own outter space mission to the moon!

    Danny B encouraged this.


    I've seen that Cags!! Awesome. We are actually circumnavigating the globe though! : )


    In return for snacks and beer I will run a leg somewhere awesome!


    I love doing 2) leave the tech at home - love the freedom. Another one I do on busier running routes is to 'race the good guys' - after someone over takes me, I lengthen my stride, and pick up the pace to try and keep up with them (at a safe distance rather than by their side, unless I am feeling particularly friendly!) - can't hold it for long, but good training. Get your breath back, and do the same to the next person that overtakes you

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    works for cycling too . Thanks good post that

    Teresa D encouraged this.


    Love 1 and 4 - and re @steve's racing the good guys, like @cags, i do this on my bike, but not confident on foot yet - will make it an aim to try over the next few months!


    Definitely love leaving the phone at home every now and then. Curiosity often gets the better of me re: timings when running. Need to do it less!

    Teresa D encouraged this.


    great post! i particularly need to follow point 2! thanks


    fab post will have to try number 1.. running though a posh cafe hilarious not many posh cafes about where i live pity ha ha

    Cags R encouraged this.


    Great blog - thanks so much. Have just joined the Run Around the World tribe - what a fantastic concept. What charity are you supporting?


    Good points. I enjoy my trail runs the most. I just hit my weekly one and the trail is finally for the most part dried up. I love zipping through the trees, for me its about getting out in that terrain and trying new trails.


    Great article :) Really want to do number one. And number 2. Ok, I want to do them all :) Thanks for the great advices


    Great article. I run to de-stress and enjoy nature!!

    Inari J encouraged this.


    If on the odd occasion that I'm plugged in to the mp3 player, I run and clap to the beat at the same time, arms outstretched or over the head. Variation of the boxer's run and punch.


    Thanks for the article. Lord knows I need motivation to keep running :p


    thanks, just needed to remind to slow down in my head and go back to basics

    Robert F encouraged this.


    point no 4. sounds like a good one. I have a favourite trail that I love to run in Spain. Even though I'm not a runner, I love it for the scenery.


    Thanks for the encouragement guys!! Kate N - we've got meetings next week to decide upon our charity for The World Relay - can't wait to announce it!!

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