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Keeping it clean: how you can improve your local community


Posted by Cags R under General on 4 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

Nobody likes a litter-bug, the problem is that if there's already litter around then people are more likely to dispose of their rubbish in lazy and environmentally harmful ways.
So what can we do to help?

Keep It Clean - Time to take action and go to preventative measures to make our parks, roads and town centres a nicer space to live in!

This Challenge is a simple but good one; when you're next out on a run/walk/cycle, take a bag with you and collect up at least 5 pieces of litter.

Encorporate lunges, squats and other weight bearing stretches to make the most of your litter-pick!

Time for some numbers:

Nick B's litter pick of a 250m lane In Victoria Australia, studies have shown that up to 30% of citizens litter and surprisingly it was more common in rural areas than in cities.

The cost to the Victoria council to clear up litter is over $50 million each year!

Across the UK as a whole, McDonald's was the brand most seen as litter on the streets, making up 13% of the items found.

Fast food wrappers in general are the most common litter across the whole of the UK and cigarette packets were the most common in London.

And what about the US? On the roadways alone there is over 51 billion pieces of litter each year, that’s 6,729 items per mile. This costs $11.5 billion.

Photo of Nick B's litter pick of a 250m lane in Kent 

Areas which are already littered are more likely to have a high littering rate so stop the cycle and go on a litter pick! 

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    My bag of rubbish is famous  - The cost to the Highways Agency in the UK for picking up litter off the countries motorways is £10 million – The majority of that rubbish has been thrown from cars – the cost for picking up all rubbish off streets and pavements - £865 million. When the governments around the world struggles with austerity measures it staggers me how the general public can impose an unnecessary burden on over stretch budgets through sheer laziness and a complete disregard and disrespect for their planet and the other inhabitants. The ‘Broken Window Theory’ adopted by New York does work. With the help of my only neighbour we successfully stopped graffiti appearing on our road by instantly removing or covering up any that appeared. It took a year but the graffiti vandals gave up – what was the point when their creations only lasted a few hours.

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