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Kettlebell Strength Workout Challenge


Posted by Lauren Brooks of On The Edge Fitness under Weight Training (Strength Training) on 6 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

Lauren Brooks is the owner of On The Edge Fitness - she's been celebrated for her expertise across the globe, we've brought her here onto Tribesports to create an introductory Kettlebell Strength Workout which will help you realise your potential.

Want to get strong with one of the most popular strength training tools in the fitness industry?

The kettlebell is nothing new, it's been used in training since the 18th century. Its explosion onto the modern fitness scene is simply emphasising the foundations of strength training that have been used in Russia for hundreds of years! So here are my top 4 kettlebell exercises which will help you gain strength, burn fat and get a great all-round workout with one simple piece of equipment.

Kettle Bell Strength Workout: Lauren Brooks' Kettlebell strength

Pick a challenging weight and aim for 5-6 reps of each of the following exercises and aim for 10 on the kettlebell swings:

  • Kettlebell deadlift - the deadlift is one of the foundations of basic strength training. Select either one heavy kettlebell or 2 challenging kettlebells for each hand.
  • Kettlebell tall kneeling press - work your upper body and shoulder strength whilst challenging your core stability in the kneeling press. 
  • Kettlebell goblet squat - this is an excellent progression from the body weight squat which will work your legs, glutes and core.
  • Kettlebell swing - probably the most well known kettlebell exercise, the kettlebell swing will work your abs, legs and glutes. Check out the video on best form!

Ready to kick ass with this Challenge? Take on the Kettlebell Strength Workout now!

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    Hi Andy, I do kettle bells twice a week. There are quite a few women in the class and - just as with the men - we all use different weights. So really you need to try a few out and see what you’re comfortable with. Two new women came to class last week and started with 2kg but they were complete beginners to fitness and quite slight and small so you have to take everything into account. For myself, I generally use two different weights in class depending on the exercise I switch up or down. The best thing to do is join a class for a few weeks and try out a variety of weights, you’ll know what’s right for you pretty quickly. Best of luck :)

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    I haven't heard of any kettlebell classes at my gym, or anywhere really. I have noticed a few kettlebells at gym, and have tried the sumo squats with one. I really would like to buy one for home use. Now I can see 4 exercises I could do with one. It did puzzle me how you could do a whole class based on one piece of equipment!

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    This has made me want to go get me some kettle bells!!! Will be on the lookout for them next time I'm in a city and then on here for advice :)

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    i did this yesterday along with a glute workout, and i'm telling you my butt is on fire.

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    it really helps to have someone who knows the proper form/technique guide you in the beginning so you know that you are doing the motions properly and don't hurt yourself!

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    I was inspired and bought myself a kettlebell on the weekend - 8kg. I'm loving it so far! And I haven't swung it through the TV or a window yet!

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    That is great Andy, I might have to join you :)

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    I have been using kettlebells for over two years. Lauren Brooks has taught me so much about kettlebells from her youtube videos. I just recently completed the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification through dragon door


    A good mass to start with if you are a women is 13lbs / 6kg. I love the work outs and I do it in the comfort of my own bathroom. I have lost body fat, toned and my strength is so much better, I bought myself a 17lbs yesterday to up my game. I love kettlebells


    (Blush) Yes well sounds weard but I have a big bathroom and a mirror and its private. haha

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