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Kitesurfing Dad: crossing the channel with nothing but a kite and a board!


Posted by Cags R under Kitesurfing on 12 October 2012 at 11:00 PM

Check out the incredible kitesurfing dad! Sam Lutman-Pauc is taking on the massive challenge to kitesurf across the English channel to France and back - all against the clock!

Although you will be attempting to gain the record for the fastest return journey, will you have time to step ashore for a quick bite of cheese and wine?

No, in order to set and record the fastest return crossing I have to touch down on the beach in France and then get back to the UK as quickly as possible. There are no official start and finish points, it’s literally UK to France and back again. It’s important to mention that whilst I’m going for the fastest return crossing I’m also hoping to beat the current solo crossing time (set by Sam Branson) of 2hrs 18mins. If I can beat that and get back to the UK then this will be a double Kitesurfing World Record.

Do you find it easy to balance your work, home-life and training?

Yes, fortunately I run my own business so I have the flexibility to leave the office if the wind is blowing plus I’m only a ten-minute drive from the beach. What’s vital to me is ensuring that you have strong balance between your work and home life… work hard, play hard and lots of time with my family.

Do you get your kids out on the water too?

Yes we are all in the sea lots over the Summer months but my daughters are only 4 & 6 so still a little to small to start kitesurfing.

What's your go-to food straight off the water?

Go-to food has to be - Tuna, pasta, carrots - It's quick and easy to make, delicious, great carb hit and my daughters love it too. To make, simply stir tuna mayonnaise in to cold cooked pasta and then stir in grated carrot, season and serve. 

How do you prepare physically for a challenge of this calibre?

Physical training is essential to ensure you have the stamina and strength for any challenge and I’ve just written a short article on my Blog that breaks down my daily training and exercise. In addition to the physical training it’s really important that you get your mind trained. One of the biggest obstacles with any physical challenge is dealing with your head. When you’re tired and exhausted it’s easy for your brain to start shutting you down and making you think it’s all over. If you can overcome this though and focus, then there’s a reserve tank in all of us and it really is remarkable what the human body can endure and achieve.

You've said that cycling is good for cross training for kitesurfing, what are you riding at the moment?

Off road I ride a FELT full suspension and on the road I use a carbon frame Cannondale. 

How did you initially get into kitesurfing?

I’ve always been passionate about being on the water and as a kid used to surf and fly power kites. About 10 years ago, whilst in Brighton I spotted a guy out on the water on a surfboard powered by a kite and from that moment I knew I had found my sport.

What are the main dangers you will face in this challenge?

There are many risks involved in this crossing but fortunately they are calculated risks and I have an experienced support team to accompany me across the Channel. The weather in the English Channel can vary considerably, I could leave the UK in a steady Force 5 but out in the middle of the Channel it can quickly escalate to a Force 9 without much warning. On top of this, the English Channel is one of the busiest shipping channels in the world… so I expect to be dodging a few large obstacles!

What's next after this challenge is complete?

Top secret, can’t possibly divulge any information on that other than it’s another Kitesurfing challenge and it’s BIG! For updates on the Suunto English Channel Speed Crossing and future challenges please visit and LIKE my Facebook page.

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