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Le Tour de Tribesports Sprint Stage Winners!


Posted by Cags R under Cycling on 22 July 2014 at 11:00 PM

What an incredible weekend of cycling! Both the Sprint Stars and the Hill Heroes are racking up awesome figures on the leaderboard.

As promised though, there could only be 3 winners of the Sprint Stage, so here we go...

Sasha T In third place this weekend, with a remarkable 231.9km logged for the Hill Heroes, we have Sasha T!

Sasha powered through 231.9km during the sprint stage. This is actually the second time that Sasha's won cycling prizes from Tribesports, she's the leader of the pack almost every weekend.

In second place, we have Kenneth T with 245km - we caught up on what his riding plans were like for this week:

"It was the 3850m of climbing that laid me low and stopped me from going riding on Sunday. Got a 3900m climbing day planned for tomorrow though. It involves Whiteface Mountain in upstate NY and is comparable to Alpe d,Huez in terms of difficulty. (1100m high, a 13km slog at average of 8% grade...) I plan to do it twice with an extra 75km per loop."

Yeah, Kenneth is preeeeeeeeetty hardcore! However, he has decided to donate his prize to another Tour de Tribesports rider, ('cos he's nice like that) so we have reassigned the prize to our fourth furthest rider from the Sprint Stage, Eunice Y!

Eunice, clocked a very respectable 108km over the sprint stage and has won herself the Multipower bars AND her very over Tribesports Cycling Jersey. 

So, who was our number 1 rider? 

As soon as we announced the sprint stage, he was talking the talk:

"I have a feeling one of these amazing pizes is mine!"

And once that clock hit midnight on Friday, he was off. Martian C clocked an unbelievable 540km in one weekend. He calls this ride "my usual Gran Fondo" - well Martian, if this is your usual, we can't wait to see your long rides!

Martian M

 Congratulations to all riders who went out on their bikes this weekend, remember it's not too late to contribute to Le Tour de Tribesports, let the battle continue.