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Le Tour de Tribesports - Winners Announced!


Posted by Cags R on 27 July 2014 at 11:00 PM

Every rider in Le Tour de Tribesports deserves a podium position, this team Challenge has been an incredible return of an old favorite feature to the community.

TdT 2014

However, there could be only 1 winner and this year, the Sprint Stars 6697 Km has earned them the title of Tour de Tribesports 2014 WINNERS!

Over 12,970 Km have been added to the team Challenge, which each team hitting over the 1000km mark in the first weekend of the race.

With 97 Challenge participants, the average distance covered per participants works out to over 133km EACH! 

Every member of the Sprint Stars will receive their exclusive Tour de Tribesports 20% reward so keep your eyes peeled for that email landing in your inbox later today. To say an extra thanks to Hill Heroes, they'll also receive a 10% reward - this race really pushed both teams to get on their bikes.

Top riders 

Whilst le Tour de Tribesports is a team Challenge, we always like to say an extra thank you to the riders who put in extra rides and massive distances to make the race extra spectacular.

The top distance rider for the Sprint Stars was: 

Kenneth T who smashed out a spectacular 976 Km!

The top distance rider for the Hill Heroes was:

Jon K who rode for an incredible 1,031 Km! 

Whilst big numbers can be a real game changerin a team Challenge, it's the consistent riders who are continuously adding their kilometers to their team which make up the majority of the numbers in le Tour de Tribesports. That's why we're celebrating these top riders who added the most training sessions to their team:

Consistent cadence award for Sprint Stars goes to:

Ali S who added 28 training sessions to the Sprint Stars!

Consistent cadence award for Hill Heroes goes to:

Brendan D who added 26 training sessions to the Hill Heroes!

Thanks again for making the return of Le Tour de Tribesports such a success - bring on next year!!