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Low impact water workouts


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 13 October 2012 at 11:00 PM

Swimming and water resistance training is known to be an excellent way to regain aerobic fitness after an injury - just look at Olympic triathlete Alistair Brownlee. When an Achilles injury took him out of training for 3 months, Brownlee used aqua rehabilitation to get him back on his feet.

This bit of kit is pretty impressive; a submerged treadmill, the water levels can be adjusted in order to change the amount of resistance for the runner - lower water levels increasing the amount of body weight the athlete will bear. Your relative body weight is lower when submerged because fat is more buoyant than water.

So, we may not all have access to an underwater treadmill but there are still many ways to use water resistance to aid injury rehabilitation.

For a basic start to recovery, take the Challenge to Aqua Jog twice a week for 2 weeks.
You can use the same logic as applied in Brownlee's training - as your training progresses, aqua jog in shallower water in order to increase the load. In order to progress back to fitness from injury.

It's not just for injury rehabilitation, water workouts are also an excellent way to gain aerobic fitness if you are overweight; there is much lower impact on the knees and ankles as body weight is relatively lower. Many injuries could be avoided in the early stages of weight loss by lessening the load on the joints when exercising.

If the idea of running in a pool does not appeal then why not jazz up you water workout!

Aqua Zumba is the latest trend to hit the fitness industry, combining the fun of a zumba class with low impact water resistance to create a 'pool party with a serious workout'.

Have you tried Aqua Zumba? What did you think of it and will you include it as part of your fitness routine?

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    Just the article about Alistair Brownlee gives me some hope for my own eventual recovery from achilles tendonitis and I am definitely going to do this challenge as soon as I am allowed to do some water running. Thanks for the blog!

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    Did this on holidays. Loved it but I found it hard to keep up with the dance.

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    One of my friends teaches aqua zumba. So far I haven't been able to attend since it is on a Sunday evening and I'm usually busy, but I believe this coming Sunday I should be able to test it out! Very excited to try a new kind of workout!

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