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Man Vs Mountain: 4 week training plan


Posted by Cags R under Running on 9 July 2013 at 11:00 PM

Add some structure to your running training with the Man Vs Mountain 4 week training plan - run 4 times a week for 4 weeks at different intensities. Man Vs Mountain 4 week training plan

This is designed to improve your fitness levels and get used to running on trails and hills.

Man Vs Mountain is a 20 mile race up Mt. Snowdon, this training plan will require you to up your mileage throughout the 4 weeks to get you race ready. Through the combination of a consistent training pattern, progressive overload and rest days, your running and cardio fitness will improve.

How far should I be running each week?

The 20 mile course is split up with amazing obstacles along the way - from quarry diving to abseiling, you'll have time for a quick breather from the running along the route - but it's important to go into the race feeling confident with your running ability - follow this plan for your first 4 weeks of training:

4 week break down of running times

What terrain should I train on?

The Snowdon course is all on trails and has some pretty steep climbs (vertical kilometer anyone!?) so if possible your training should take place on trails too. If you don't have access to trails then to run on grass in parks or other green areas near you rather than road running.

Why is this important? Trail running and road running are very different - if you are used to training on roads, you may start to 'switch off' a bit as you run - on a trail you need to be aware of where you're placing your feet as the terrain will be consistently changing.

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