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matdx blog post - summarises Tribesports opportunities to transform healthcare


Posted by Steve R on 16 July 2011 at 11:31 AM

Matdx wrote a blog post about us a while ago, and we met Mathieu Desruisseaux during the week - it was great to meet him and discuss a shared vision for transforming health through social media, and how Tribesports could impact that.

You can read the full piece here

Pertinent extract below

"What does all of this have to do with healthcare? Consider this: personal health records are stuck at 7-10% adoption. That’s mostly because few people like spending time managing “non-issues” or conditions they understand but lack motivation to change. But people do like logging and sharing what makes them healthier, granted it’s appealing to do so. I think there is unmet demand for social platforms focusing on health-enhancing activities. Such platforms could have significant health impacts, since obesity, smoking and even happiness spread and disappear through networks ties (as evidenced by the Christaskis Lab at Harvard – see TED talk).

Group health is kind of a no-brainer when one thinks about sports. So far social networks have not played a large role in this space, but Tribesports may well change that."