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Men In Tights - Not Just For Superheroes....


Posted by Cags R under General on 21 February 2014 at 12:00 AM

Men in tights are making a comeback, and it's not those lycra clad Winter Olympians! Believe it or not, since launching the new sportswear range, the Men's Performance Tights have been one of the top sellers!

Runners, cyclists and lifters around the globe are embracing their inner superheroes and pulling on Performance Tights with pride. But it hasn't always been this easy to go public with your love of spandex...

It's a debate older than time itself... or at least goes back to the 1980s: Men In Tights. 

Over the years, theres been much talk around the subject here on Tribesports, here are some of the responses from the discussion "Thoughts on men wearing spandex / lycra tight..." and the question "Is it acceptable to wear running tights in the office?":

MEN'S PERFORMANCE TIGHTSIn public??  Not a chance!  At least not without a pair of regular shorts over them.  I never run without wearing compression shorts but I also ensure I maintain my "modesty" ;) - Dwight W

A man or woman can only be defined by his/her willingness to wear tights to work...especially if extra padding is no longer a requirement due to effective training practice :) Written by a new tribe member who runs and works in deep winter... - Barbara L

Happy to say I'm a MAMIL - Smithy(Middle Aged Man In Lycra!)

It's not for me, but I don't have any problem with females & men wearing lycra. I know people (both sexes) who go commando under their shorts to stop the chaffing and because they 'enjoy the freedom'. - Martin P

I can't imagine anywhere I've worked allowing that, even on 'dress down' days.  If your work has a 'uniform code' section of their employee handbook, chances are that its not allowed! :-)  But if all you get are odd looks, rather than disciplinaries-go for it!  It means that you can do more odd things in future, as you will already be acclimatised to the odd looks! :-D - Jonathan H

Tribesports Performance Tights and Baselayer

So these were the views of some of the community on tights, but how are the Performance Tights holding up in the reviews after some thorough testing?!

I must admit, I've never worn tights for sport in my life until now. I used to believe that Shorts were the only answer for me, no matter what the weather or temperature outside. I'm a total convert after trying these! - Jonny

This is my first pair of running tights and I must say they do the job well. The fit is good, it appears well made. When I run outside my legs stay warm, but sweat wicks right through. I might buy another if I continue to run this season. - Marco

I use these for circuits classes and find they fit really well. These tights are very comfortable, wash really well & look good. Exercise definitely feels a lot easier and my muscles do recover quicker. Brilliant - Christopher 

Tights MTB montage

From what we can see, men in tights are IN! But what do you think? Are you a man who lunges in lycra or would you rather skip the spandex?

Vote now by clicking Yes or No (you will click to the relevant product page, registering your vote):

Looks good to me, I'm in, YES

I'll stick to shorts. NO