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Mental Benefits of Sport


Posted by Cags R under Running on 30 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

Asics Europe have recently performed a study on the reasons people start running and why they then continue with it. 

The original drive to begin running is generally physical - 'I want to lose weight' or 'I want to improve my fitness'. Most of us can probably relate to this goal as a reason to start exercising more frequently, but what is it that makes us continue exercising once we reach our weightloss or fitness goals?

In their survey, the Asics researchers found that the motivation to continue exercising is predominantly to do with the mental benefits that exercise produces; 'stress-relief', 'enjoyment' and 'mental rewards of reaching targets' are leading reasons for people to include regular exercise into their routine. This is also combined with the fact that exercise is addictive - all those awesome endorphines make you want to keep coming back to it.

Although weight loss is a huge motivator to start running, enjoyment and fitness are what keeps people running. The report also went into why people choose running as a fitness/weight loss option; it is easily accessible, there is minimal specialist equipment, it does not depend on proximity to facilities and it is cheap!

You can read more about it in Asics' report here and don't forget to leave your success stories in comments below! How do you feel running has helped your stress levels?