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Mistle-Toes to Bar Workout


Posted by Al Kavadlo of Al Kavadlo under Fitness & Training on 18 December 2013 at 12:00 AM

Earn your kisses this year with the Mistle-toes to bar Workout - this advanced core workout will challenge even the most serious athlete and can be performed with nothing but an overhead pull-up bar! Mistle-toes to bar workout!

Mastering your own body weight doesn't stop with pull-ups, there are plenty more uses for a bar than simply moving yourself up and down. This workout utilises some lesser-known exercises which will work your whole body:

Rollover - a gymnastics move performed on a straight bar. Pull your hips up to the bar and roll over to the other side. Targets the core and ab muscles.


  1. Start by hanging from a straight bar with palms facing away from you and your legs and arms straight
  2. Begin to pull yourself up to the bar, and start to lean backwards so that you bring your hips up to the bar
  3. As your hips meet the bar, bring your legs over the top of the bar so that you begin to roll over to the other side
  4. Lower yourself back down to a hanging position

Skin The Cat - a gymnastics move that works your core. Performed on a straight bar or on rings. It is essentially 3/4 of a backwards roll from on the bar.


  1. Hang from the bar or rings with a tight core, palms facing away from you
  2. Raise your toes to the bar and allow your feet to continue through your elbows
  3. Stay in a pike position with legs extended and lower your feet toward the ground
  4. You will be hanging vertical to the ground with arms in full extension
  5. Return to the start position by tucking your head in and bringing your thighs to your chest to bring your legs back through your elbows
  6. Finish by getting back to the start position

Twisting hanging knee raises - a core exercise performed whilst hanging from a bar. Rotation in the movement creates an additional challenge on the obliques.


  1. Hang from a bar with an overhand grip (palms facing away from you)
  2. Without swinging from the bar, raise your knees steadily up towards your torso whilst twisting your body to one side
  3. Lower back to the start position and repeat on the other side

Toes to bar - a core exercise performed whilst hanging from a pull up or gymnastics bar. An advanced variation of hanging leg raises.


  1. Hang from a bar with an overhand grip (palms facing away from you)
  2. With straight arms and straight legs, contract your abs to bring your legs up
  3. Touch the bar with your toes and lower back to the start position

Advanced trainees should aim to complete the entire circuit without coming off the bar to rest. When the circuit is complete, come down, rest for 2 minutes and repeat. Feel free to scale the reps and exercises as is appropriate for your individual fitness level and take additional rest as needed. 

Do the Mistle-Toes to Bar Workout today!

You may require some skill-specific practice on each exercise separately before combining them in sequence. You can substitute in whichever reps and variation you performed when you track your workout. Though this workout is focused on the midsection, it is a full body workout that will challenge your arms and grip as much as your core. 

Check out the following video for more ways you can make better use of that bar: