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Monday Inspiration: Fitness Mum Brandi Dion


Posted by Joanna R under Triathlon on 16 April 2012 at 9:30 AM

As a college athlete, Brandi Dion excelled at soccer and basketball however, like many graduates when the time came to leave college, she was faced the difficulty of being a team sports player without a team. So what were the options? Join a women's league or strike out in the new direction of individual sport?

A friend asked me to do a triathlon with him in 2000. From that time forward I have been living the multi-sport life style in so many ways. I was lucky enough to obtain a job in my feild as a fitness director at the local YMCA. I can truthfully say that if it were not for the YMCA and all the opportunities I had there I would not be where I am today.

After leaving the YMCA Brandi opened B&S Fitness Programs in 2004:

Our focus was creating professional quality fitness programs and endurance events. Only three years later we partnered with a phenominal Sport Conditioning specialist to open our second company B&S Sport Science which is an 11,000 sq ft facility in Salem, Ma.

In 2010 the B&S brand grew again to include Event Management and they jumpedon the chance to join the CrossFit boom and partnered with North Shore's best coaches, Dennis Floyd to create CrossFit IronSpider.

But Brandi isn't only a business woman and athlete, she's also a mother of two. What is truly inspirational is that she keeps training no matter what!

I was awarded Spartan of the week January 2011 because I raced the Spartan 7 months pregnant. Also did a triathlon at 9 months pregnant (2 weeks before my due date, it was mothers day!), again the next pregnancy at 8 months and placed 2nd in my category (athena!), finished the last pregnancy running the Wild Turkey 5 miler 4 days before my due date...that was a long 5 miles!! I hate to walk so I did in fact run 95% of the race. I don't believe that women need to stop everything because they are pregnant. All I did was continue with what I was accustomed to and listened to my body. Both deliveries were fast and natural.

In terms of race day advice, Brandi has some excellent advice for a successful race:

Do NOT TRY/DO ANYTHING NEW!! I have heard more horror stories of people trying out new running shoes, new energy product, etc. Nine times out of ten this will cause issues and keep athletes from reaching new PB. I also encourage all my athletes to focus on one step at a time and enjoy the journey. Nothing good comes from sprinting out of the gate!

What’s your favorite workout?  

Any workout that I pray to be over or brings me close to tears is my favorite. There are not many workouts that I do not like but I do know that the ones I dislike the most are the absolute best for me. Kind of sick but this is true.

In terms of training advice I stick to these 5 rules:

1) Train with people better than you.

2) DO NOT train with people slower than you.

3) Experiment with fuel, clothing, sneaks, etc. during training.

4) When you think you are really sucking...stick with it. These are your best workouts!!

5) Never get cought up in missed workouts. Just focus on now and future workouts, NOT the past/missed workouts.

Brandi's Challenges for you:

1) 100 Burpees Time Trial 

2) Try a sport you've never tried before

3) Set a Big Challenge for 2012/2013

4) 50 Push Up Challenge

5) 4 weeks without alcohol

6) Hold the Plank for 5 minutes

Favorite motivational quote: Train smarter, NOT harder.