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Monday Inspiration: Hugh Herr climbing without limits


Posted by Cags R on 19 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

For most people, losing both legs in a climbing accident would put them off the sport - not Hugh Herr though; he's been quoted to say 'It's really sad to have biological limbs, you're constrained by nature and you can upgrade. The artificial parts of our body are immortal.'

Here's hoping that climbing will soon become a Paralympic sport as there are so many athletes with the potential to excel at this amazing sport!

If you've never tried Climbing then take on the Challenges to Try climbing for the first time, Go bouldering for the first time and improve your core strength the the 20 second L-hang Challenge!

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    Cool! you and Jaime Simpson should get together (although he is a bit older now). Awesome that the skills you learn stay with you, whatever nature throws at you, you just need the will to keep going. Every sportperson who is good at something makes it look easy, it is only when you try to emulate them you find out how hard something is. I have tried climbing on an indoor wall a couple of years ago, never got really into it as I did not want to "let go" at the top, think that was a reflection on my thoughts over whether or not my pal on the ground could hold my weight and not on the skills of the teacher though :)


    This is inspiring to see. Keep it up Hugh!


    Just made me smile.... You are the picture of Nike... JUST DO IT! Thanks much for sharing!


    I read about Hugh a couple of weeks ago just before the olympics - a truly inspiring guy.


    Awe inspiring - definitely. It's all about attitude! Great work hugh :)


    that the spirit and achievement. Keep up

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