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Monday Inspiration: Major Jim Bonney


Posted by Cags R under General on 16 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

Major Jim Bonney, formerly of the Royal Marines, is an impressive man simply from his title - to rise to this rank in one of the toughest military corps is a huge accomplishment. Now consider how impressive it is that he did it all after losing his right leg beneath the knee.

A mountaineering trip gone awry could have meant the end of his career with the Marines but after his amputation, Jim Bonney returned to training and regained his green beret. Towards the end of his military career, Bonney was put in charge of a special unit for rehabilitation of injured recruits. 

Now he runs Adventure Rehab which is a centre for helping people who have suffered great trauma; from physical traumas like amputations to psychological ones such as PTSD. The centre has climbing, kayaking, mountaineering and loads of other outdoor activities which are used to build confidence in both physical and mental challenges.

I lead an innovative and challenging rehabilitation philosophy delivering residential, peer supported rehabilitation for physical and psychological trauma including amputees. Using dynamic and inspiring leadership in real world functional environments - a combination of a unique clinical and non-clinical multi-disciplinary team approach delivered across inspiring environments,using challenge to overcome adversity.

Along with his great work in the Dorset based company, Jim was a torch bearer for the Paralympic 2012 torch relay. We're inspired by Jim Bonney's commitment to helping others in the face of adversity and hope that you are too!