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Monday Inspiration: Moon Challenge progress report


Posted by Cags R under Running, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Walking on 21 January 2013 at 12:00 AM

On the second of January, we promoted the One Giant Leap for Mankind, One Small Step for Tribesports Challenge. At the time, the team of fitness astronauts had covered just over 40,000km since the Challenge was created on 25th August 2012.

With almost an eighth of the journey done, the deadline of the 25th August 2013 was seeming a little tricky; could we make up the numbers in time?

The answer, quite simply is YES! In the 19 days between 2nd of January and today, team Tribesports has covered over 20,000km, combining running, cycling, rowing, walking and swimming all towards the grand total.

So, what's next? We still have a bit of catching up to do if we want to hit 384,400km in one year so here's our Challenge to you for the end of January:

Self propulsion moon trip - 1/4 by 1st February

96,100km is one quarter of the distance between Earth and the moon - let's reach it by February 1st!

We caught up with Challenge creator Nick B to see what he thought of this new target and the success of his Challenge:

It is great to see so many people taking it and contributing their kilometres to the cause, I love the idea of being part of a team that can achieve something truly significant. When I created the challenge I was originally thinking about a challenge that I was going to call ‘Tribesports Mission To Mars’, but thought we might all need a shorter warm up before we tackle a 56 million miles journey.  It is a big ask to get a quarter of the way there by 1st Feb 2013 but then again ‘We Are Tribesports’.

Tips on how to get ours numbers up:

  • Recruitment drive - if you know runners, cyclists, swimmers - anyone who is active and clocks up some kilometres during their week, get them on board! 
  • Motivation - now is the time when the New Years resolutions start to waver and motivation dips, get yourself off the coach and help the team!
  • Mathematics - if every person currently taking the Challenge donates 50km over the next 10 days then we will smash this out the park (actually, forget the park, we're smashing this into outter space!)

Can we do it?? Log your kilometres in the Challenge and let's get to the moon!