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Monday Inspiration: Philippe Croizon the limbless swimmer


Posted by Cags R under Swimming on 24 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

A truly inspirational story this week; Philippe Croizon and his partner Arnaud Chassery are taking on the challenge to swim to every continent.

"We are going to symbolically link the five continents, two little people like us, two little men, we're going to be able to build a bridge between the continents"

Not only are the pair trying to bridge the gap between the continents but they are also demonstrating how with enough courage, determination and teamwork, anyone can overcome disabilities in life and take on massive challenges.

Phillippe lost all his limbs after being electrocuted whilst changing a television aerial almost 20 years ago - since then he has not let his disability stand in the way of his goals.

"I am here to show that disabled persons are sometimes gifted, regardless of differences like religion, politics and colour."

He and Arnaud will be finishing their epic journey with a trip to the White House once they have swum from Big Diomede in Russia and Little Diomede in the United States.

Aqua Sphere swimwear have developed Phillippe and Arnaud wetsuits to withstand the extreme conditions they will experience on their 4 journeys: 

  1. Papua New Guinea to Indonesia linking Australasia and Asia
  2. Taba, Egypt to Aqaba, Jordan linking Africa and Asia
  3. The Strait of Gibraltar linking Africa and Europe
  4. The Bering Strait  linking Asia and America

An amazing Challenge for 2 amazing guys, let's hear it for our #MondayInspiration!