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Monday Inspiration: Pull Up Beast!


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 12 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

This week we're Challenging you to work on your pull up technique. Each day we'll push a new progressive stage of the chin up technique on our Facebook page:

Monday - Chin up progression 1 using both feet for assistance (though try to use your upper body as much as you can), this will really help you master the technique and initiate muscle memory for the movement of the chin up, your feet will take weight you can't manage with your upper body. Follow the guidelines in the Rules for best technique.

Tuesday - Chin up progression 2 this one adds more resistance as you only use one leg for resistance. With the added weight of your non-supporting leg and less assistance you will be working your upper body more, keep the technique you learnt in #1.

Wednesday - Chin up progression 3 using a box positioned behind you, support your feet as you dead hang with your legs at 90 degree angles. 

Thursday - Chin up progression 4 keep the box in position from #3 but you may only support yourself with one foot on the box for this one. Again there is more weight added and thus more resistance.

Friday - Chin up progression 5 jump up with no assistance and slowly lower yourself down, this is known as a negative chin up. You should try to go as slowly as you can and go all the way down to a dead hang. Once you get comfortable with these only jump up on one leg.

Saturday - Flexed Arm Hang 30 seconds this is a great isometric hold which will improve your muscular endurance - hold yourself at the top of the pull up postition for 30 seconds.

Sunday - Complete 5 pull ups/chin ups now you've got all the building blocks, aim for 5 and keep up your progress!

So what do you do once you've mastered the chin up? Well you can either add more reps or you can always follow this Navy Seal's example and add a little more resistance...

Pull up marine with weights

That's right, he is beasting a pull up in full body armour with a BFGoodrich tire & rim! Now go forth and OWN THAT BAR!