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Monday Inspiration: Seville makes cycling a way of life


Posted by Cags R under Cycling on 14 January 2013 at 12:00 AM

Cycling in the city is very intimidating to many would-be cyclist - the danger of high traffic volume keeping them off their bikes and on the bus. A common problem many cities suffer is lack of space to make room for cyclists on the road; Seville has taken a closer look at what the space they have can really be used for.

City planners in the Spanish town of Seville have taken influence from the famously cycle-friendly Dutch and have managed to increase the number of daily journeys by bike from 5,000 to 72,000 in 6 years! 

Seville safer cycling scheme

The cycling scheme was introduced when city planners found themselves at a loss as to what to do with the 4 daily rush hours which left the city centre gridlocked. The ancient city - dating back to 13th Century - has narrow streets in the centre which simply could not cope with the volume of traffic within the city. Rather than introducing a 'congestion charge' (as the Mayor of London did in 2003), the city planners decided to 'Go Dutch' - making 120km of roads 50/50 with cycle and motor traffic.

The new cycling infrastructure was designed with safety in mind - the designers realised the importance of making cyclist feel safe whilst also providing a practical cycle route which did not constantly switch from segregated cycle lanes to mixed traffic.

Seville is an excellent example of how taking a fresh look at the issues at hand can come up with solutions that provide big results!

Other cities around the globe which have been recognised for their innovation in promoting cycling as a way of life include - a great example of this is Minneapolis, the city is considered the most cycle-friendly in the US! They promote cycling as a way of life, as well as educating all road users to respect each other in order to stay safe.

So, what does your town or city do to promote cycling and keep cyclists safe on the road? Share your commuter cycling stories in the Cycle to Work Tribe.

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    Cycle friendly cities are great! But the cycle network needs to be well-designed ie so cars won't drive over the cycle lane, nor have it as part of the footpath so pedestrians are constantly blocking the path. Copenhagen is a fantastic example, and it always made more sense (and faster) to bike to work rather than go by car or public transport. I live in Malaga now, and biking through the city is stressful. Hopefully they'll be heading in the same direction as Seville :)

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    A lot of London's cycle ways are sharing bus lanes - it's kind of like putting mice into an elephant's playground!

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