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Monday Inspiration: The amazing transformation of a guy that didn't give up


Posted by Cags R under Yoga on 10 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

Big thanks go to @shropshire for bringing this inspirational story to Tribesports; veteran paratrooper Arthur Boorman was injured in the Gulf War, his back and knees were severely damaged from repeated impacts from parachuting. Check out his amazing story:

Inspired? Well so are we! Here are some of the postures Arthur used to help him get back to his old self:

Yoga Lunge

Lunge with arms up 

This pose really works your balance and muscular endurance. By raising the arms up above the head, you create a higher centre of gravity and thus the posture is more challenging for you to balance.

It is important not to bounce into this posture as this can lead to muscle damage if the muscles have not been warmed up enough.

Bikram yoga triangle posture

Triangle (Trikanasana) Pose

This posture is very effective for stretching out the spine, taking tension out of the shoulders and improving your cardio-vascular system.

It also works to stretch out your hips (which is great for runners). Check out the guide on how to get into this posture, written for us by Olga Allon of Hot Bikram Yoga studios.

Crane Pose

Crane pose

This posture requires excellent core strength, as well as the ablity to support your weight with your arms. The stronger your core, the less work your arms will have to do, it's all about counter balance and control.

As this is an inverted posture (head below the heart) you will also feel the benefits of what Richard H (our resident aerial yoga expert) calls a 'power-hose of oxygen to your brain!'

How has yoga helped you recover from injury? Share your experiences here!