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Monday Inspiration - The youngest golfer ever


Posted by Neil B under Golf on 19 May 2013 at 11:00 PM

Do you often watch professional sports these days amazed at seeing 18 year olds dominating their sport against significantly older and bigger opponents? Well how would seeing a 12 year old competing against fully grown men make you feel?

Ye Wocheng

Although he may not be dominating his sport quite yet, China's Ye Wocheng is a 12 year old taking the golfing world by storm. He has absolutely smashed the record for the youngest ever golfer on the Pro Tour (previously held by his fellow countryman Tianlang Guan), becoming the youngest person ever to play on the European Tour. 

While most of us were playing tag, chasing friends around a playground and watching cartoons at the age of twelve, Ye is competing in one of the most technically and mentally demanding sports there is. Ye qualified for the China Open on May 2nd after posting a 2 under scorecard over two rounds during the Westen China qualifying tournament. In a rather amusing quote regarding qualifying for the China Open, Wocheng said:

"I've dreamt of this since I was a boy"

Quite what a remarkable achievement it is seems to be lost on Ye, since he realistically can't have been dreaming about this for very long and he is, at the end of the day, still just a boy. The fact that his father caddied him around the China Western Qualifying tournament adds another element to this incredible story. Can there be a prouder moment for a father?Ye Wocheng tees of in the China Open

While Ye did miss the cut for the final two days of the China Open, just qualifying for this event at the quite staggering age of 12 is an incredible achievement. While he may not be threatening the top of the leaderboards alongside the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy quite yet, it will not be long before this 12 year old sensation is dominating world golf. Remember the name.

What had you achieved by the age of 12? Let us know what you think of this remarkable kid in the blog below?