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Monday Inspiration: Tribesports World Record Holders


Posted by Cags R under Ultrarunning on 3 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

We often celebrate Personal Bests on Tribesports across a multitude of sports but there are some amongst our numbers who have gone one better and set World Records! Whether it's Laura H's toast mosaic (yes that is what it sounds like!) or Rory C's ultra marathon times, there are some rather whacky and impressive feats performed by Tribesports users:

Meet the record breaking copper on Tribesports!
Lee C is in preparation for his attempt to break the record for the furthest distance run on a Treadmill in one week and we're sending out his save-the-date cards!

As a former record holder he's striving to take back the title in his third attempt. In 2007 Lee first took on the week-long Challenge, running 410 miles but was denied the record due to a clerical error. 2009 was the year of success when he finally achieved his goal - running 468 miles and setting the new World Record.

This record stood for 2 years until Sharon Gayter - a sports science technology lecturer at the University of Teesside - broke it with an amazing distance of 517.33 miles.

What made you start ultra-running and decide to take on these Challenges?

After leaving the army and joining the police, I was injured at work and faced 2 days in hospital not knowing whether I was going to lose my legs - that's when I decided I wanted to do something a little bit different, a little bit extreme; my thoughts went wild to all the different places I'd love to run across the world! Over the next year or so I got to thinking 'Well what can I do that's a little more local?' then I was researching on Google and the treadmill record came up - all just started from there really! As for the Challenge itself '7 days on a treadmill' it's just such a bonkers idea and if someones done it before it means it can be done, it makes me ask myself can I do it a little bit better?

How do you find treadmill running differs from road running?

Well it's just a completely different Challenge in its own right really, yes it's not the same as the road with beautiful scenery and stuff like that but it's a good way to keep miles in the legs and there are so many different things you can get from a treadmill with the incline, different intensities and heart rate monitor which are beneficial to training and staying fit.

And finally what are the rules of your Challenge?

It must be in a public environment - members of the public must have access 24 hours a day, once the clock starts on day one you have exactly 168 hours to run as far as you can. You can sleep, eat, go to the toilet but you only have that time to get your miles
in so you've got to make it count!

Now Lee has confirmed that his next attempt will take place in Westfields Shopping Centre, London, from the 7th September, his target is to hit over 520 miles in one week - show Lee your support as this week's #MondayInspiration!