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Music Festival Fitness


Posted by Cags R under General, Fitness & Training on 29 June 2013 at 11:00 PM

Music festivals aren't renowned for enhancing your fitness and it's easy to go away for the long weekend with an attitude of having a fitness-free 4 days. 

This is especially emphasized when your friends who you go to music festivals with are a totally different crowd to your fitness friends - in this group, you are considered the 'sporty-one' and, at times, they ban you from talking about sport at all! That's why we've put together the festival Challenge: sneak some exercise into your music festival.

Carry lots on the way to music festivalsStep 1: Pack heavy

It's a long walk from the car - you can easily pretend to not enjoy this prolonged farmer's walk! The concept of farmer's walk is simple - pick a challenging weight and move it from A-B - well, you'll be doing them from the carpark through security and onwards.

This year at Glastonbury festival, the organisers announced that it was a 'drink what you can carry' event (cue all your non-sporty friends turning to you to be their booze-mule). Load up on all the liquids you can carry and Farmer's Walk your way to the campsite. Rest periods are acceptable and see if you can fashion yourself a kettlebell-esque weight in each hand by using thick tape to make your own straps on cumbersome, heavy camping equipment!

Squat a mate Challenge

Squat a friendStep 2: Squat-a-friend

Pick your shortest friend (or the nearest squat-able stranger) and offer to give them a view from your shoulders. Once they're up it's time to squat!

Remember to keep your lower back tight and ask the person on your shoulders not to move about too much. If any of your non-sporty friends become suspicious that you're actually enjoying the added weight, complain loudly and pause the squatting until suspicious friend leaves.

Step 3: Plan the bands you want to see

Camping Guy Ropes

Add some cardio in your day by running between stages in order to see all the bands you like - don't listen to the nay-sayers who think you can't make it across the site in time, just run there! This will also be a great way to work on your agility as you weave in and out of all the other people.

Step 4: Guy rope hurdles

One of the biggest pains when camping at a festival is the inevitable tripping over other people's guy ropes (the ropes used to secure a tent). To avoid the embarrassment of falling flat on your face, hurdle the guy ropes which get in your way.

Step 5: Dance BIG

This one's easy - dance like an absolute maniac! Don't fall into the knee-bobbing, head-nodding, occasional-clapping dance trap that plagues big crowds - go mad and dance your ass off!

What's your best way of sneaking in exercise? Share it below!

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    Ha, how about busting some moves - 'break dancing' . Incorporate some planks and pushups on the way up and down. Can't see over the crowd? Practice your jumping skills - hey isn't that some kind of dance move too - jumping around like a pogo stick.

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    Farmer's walk on the way into Glastonbury - so so tough! Have developed irrational hatred for anyone who uses a trolley though "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!"


    I love your ideas on this! Typically I just sit around and not even think about working out when I'm at a show, but These are awesome concepts on how to not completely bum out on the weekends! Also, I want to recommend an App called Motion Traxx, It streams fitness music (although there is obviously music around you all weekend) but these songs are specifically designed to up your pace. Definitally check it out!

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