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National Vertical Marathon: Scaling New Heights


Posted by Deborah W under Running on 25 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

3000 odd goodie bags. 2310 participants . 1106 steps. 200 volunteers. 1 day

The numbers speak for themselves. National Vertical Marathon (NVM) is Tribesports’ first foray into Singapore sporting events, and what better place to kick off than the island state’s largest vertical climb? 

We’ll let two of our users tell us more about their NVM journey. 

Perspective from the podium…

TS! : Hi guys, please tell our readers about yourselves

S: I’m Sanjay, 24, NIE and my team mates are Yvonne Lin, 21, NIE, Shah Feroz, 28, NIE, Colin Tung, 24, NTU and Chew Hanyu, 20, NTU. We are all passionate about long distance running.

H: I’m Hong Taa, 22, currently a year 1 economics student at SMU. I’m the team captain of RedsXtreme and competed in the Team Open category this NVM.

TS!: Congratulations on your win at NVM 2012! Please tell our readers what motivated you to participate in this year’s race.

S: My interest in long-distance running & mountain trekking has inspired me to participate in this race. It was the first time taking part in NVM for 2 of my 5 athletes. We’re all long-distance athletes and decided to take part in this race to test our physical limits by competing in a race different from the typical flat-road race.

TS!: As the team captain, what challenges did you face in psyching your team up for this race?

H: Some of my teammates were competing in this race for the first time. Hence, it was important to give them a detailed brief of what to expect during the race itself as some were worried about the harsh conditions in the staircase during the race. We had to change our normal training program just to prepare for this race. It is also important to make trainings more fun as climbing stairs is certainly not a very enjoyable thing to train for.

TS!: When did you start training? Any tips on how to train competitively?

S: A good aerobic base will definitely be beneficial. Most of the athletes that compete in the NVM without training mainly rely on their pre-existing aerobic capacity. With a good & strong base, anyone will be able to complete the NVM without much worry. The best way to strengthen and build up one’s base would be to do frequent long-distance runs. Excessive training on the stairs may not be advisable due to the high impact on the knees. Occasional attempts at stairs-training will be a good preparation before the race. 

TS!: How did you find the race this year? 

H: I find that the level of competition this year is much higher, with many more strong competitors taking part in the various categories. The major reduction in the height of the building also changed the strategy that I had to adopt when training my team. I find that this year’s building is definitely easier than the past few years, and would attract more people to participate, especially with the breathtaking view at the top floor. 

TS!: NVM is not complete without its sponsors. Did you visit the sponsor booths?

H: I visited the Tribesports booth that day and signed up to Tribesports at the booth. I think Tribesports is a useful venue for friends who’re more involved in sports to find out what their other friends are doing in their sporting lifestyle and also challenge each other through the various challenges and achievements which are interesting and yet rewarding to one’s health. 

TS!: What’s next on your bucket list?

S: I wish to travel to many different countries & enjoy the sheer beauty of the various mountains around the world.

H: Next on my bucket list would definitely be to trek at Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, to visit another top of the world!

TS!: Before we end off, do you have any last words for our readers?

S: Live life on the edge and do what you really love. See you at NVM 2013! :)

H: Never let a day pass without learning something new, never let a year pass without going somewhere new