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New feature: Changes to equipment section and top navigation


Posted by Steve R on 12 October 2012 at 1:30 PM

Tribesports is scaling globally at a rapid rate, with the buzz of Challenges, chatting in Tribes, and information and ideas sharing between members, all increasing by the day!

We therefore want to dedicate as much resource as we can to making the social network, training, Tribes and Challenges sections of the site as unique and useful as we can, as quickly as is possible. We are driven by a passion to make the site as great as we can by responding to your suggestions of what should come next and what would improve your Tribesports experience.

With this focus in mind, and due to our global growth, we are temporarily putting the locally focused equipment search section of the site on hold. The main reason being that in its current form, it is available only to a limited subset of members, and we want to improve on it with something comprehensive and accessible to everyone.

What happens to my equipment, reviews and medals that are already on Tribesports? 
You still have access to the items you added/reviewed. However in the short term, you won't be able to add further items, or work towards further medals related to reviews/equipment.

We plan to launch a really exciting revamped version of the equipment section early next year and will be sure to keep you updated on progress.

As part of these equipment changes, we've made the top navigation bar a bit slicker; now you will find a menu of items under your top right profile picture to make it even easier to navigate your profile:

Your notifications are still in the top navigation, they've just got a brand new icon:

Like any changes we make to the site, we think these enhancements will improve the use of the site for the majority of members - even though change does take some getting used to I know! As ever, if you want to feedback you can always reach us at