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NEW FEATURE: Featured content AND upcoming changes to Challenge creation


Posted by Steve R on 18 September 2013 at 3:20 PM

Lets rewind to the very beginning...

When we first started Tribesports, we wanted Challenges to bring together a global sports community to motivate one another to achieve our shared goals. In many instances, the way that Challenges are currently used has strayed some way from the original purpose.

Wouldn't it be great again, to browse a newest listing of Challenges and see exciting, inspirational Challenges that inspire you to click that tempting 'take' button and recognise a new goal? We hope so - with some upcoming new changes, that's our goal.

We are delighted to share this latest release: featured WorkoutsTribes and Challenges to give you a little added inspiration for your training. It's a new way to find Challenges, workouts and Tribes rather than searching by most popular and newest.Featured Tribe

Featured Workouts, Challenges and Tribes will be changing all the time, constantly showcasing the awesome and popular activity that you create and take part in on site. If you have suggestions for content to feature here we'd love to hear from you - we're always available at


Further to the introduction of the new 'featured' sections, at the start of October there will be some BIG changes to the way Challenges can be created on the site. Based on your extensive feedback, we are currently in the process of cleaning up existing Challenges and moving forward, we will be introducing an approval process for new Challenges being created. 

This change has been driven by your feedback and we believe that this improvement will help you guys to get the best tracking and training data from your activities and thus help you improve in your sports!

Tribesports Core Workout

What gets approved? With the new system of Challenge approval, The Core Workout (firm favorite in the office) would not be approved as it is a one-off workout (although still v challenging!) whereas The Core Workout for 7 Days would pass the Challenge test.

Challenges should have clear criteria, be non-date specific, something to work towards or a milestone. One-off exercise routines should be logged as a training session or saved as a workout. Challenges should require offline activity, anything which is solely online should be hosted in a Tribe discussion or question.

That means even some Tribesports created Challenges are being cleaned: Share your #GameChanger for example should be a discussion rather than a Challenge.

Challenges which are cleaned will no longer appear in search results and users will not be able to take them going forward. If you have already taken or completed a cleaned Challenge, it will still feature in your Achievements showcase and will still be able to be completed. Our aim is not to pull the rug from under your feet, we're just taking taking the rug out for a spring clean!

Until the clean up is completed, we are suspending all leaderboard points for Challenge creation and are in the process of reviewing the leaderboard system. Points for Challenges will be reinstated once the approval process is in place to reward good Challenge creation. 

Tribesports Challenges should be challenging and sports related. An approval system seems the best way to raise the quality of this core area of the site. We promise to be quick to approve - most of you create great Challenges, and we want those up on site as soon as you do!

Let's all start using Tribesports again for what it was built for - a supportive online community to help get YOU doing and enjoying more sport!